Hi and welcome to My Anguilla Experience.  In Anguilla, our people are our greatest asset. We are warm, friendly, and outgoing. We love to welcome visitors to the island. We are truly lucky this is our home and we get the privilege of enjoying it every day. We want to share what we love about living in Anguilla with you. If you are a past or present visitor, a potential visitor, an Anguillian living abroad, or an one living right here in Anguilla like me, we invite you to join us. Get on board! The ride promises to be as scenic as a sunset on Shoal bay and as exciting as the ferry ride from St Maarten- St Martin  to our island paradise. My life, My experience, My Anguilla!

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 There are a lot of great resources about Anguilla online and in print and we hope to be able to bring something interesting to the conversation. we look forward to sharing our experiences with you and we hope you will join us as we bring our beachesfoodlocal storiespeoplemusicartweddings and much more to life. So, come and explore Anguilla with us!

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Registration for Youth E.S.C.A.P.E. 2019 Is Now Open

The Department of Youth and Culture (DYC) is proud to host its 13th Youth Educational Summer Creative Arts Production and Entertainment programme (Youth E.S.C.A.P.E.). This year there will be Ten (10) exciting and interesting workshops available, with the first beginning on the 8th July, 2019 and the last one ending on the 26th August 2019. Registration is now open!


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Past Honourable Chief Minister Mr Hubert Benjamin Hughes (1994-2000 and 2010-2015). I have fond memories of serving under your leadership in the Ministry of Finance and Tourism. Thanks for always having an encouraging word and making me smile.Today and always, we remember and honour your life, leadership and legacy. Thank you for all you did for Anguilla. Condolences to family and friends.Rest in peace. ...
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Zoe loves to be outside so we have been spending time on the porch, catching some breeze, watching the birds, talking to the roosters (they talk back 😂) .I promised this year, I would spend more time on our porches/gallery. Growing up, I remember my grandmother and grandfather would spend time together on the porch every evening and sometimes I would join them. Sometimes we sat in silence and enjoyed the stars and the moon. Other times we talked and I listened to stories. I loved those evenings. Many Caribbean houses are built with a porch (cooler outdoors than indoors) and I sometimes feel we are using them less and less. But you know what? Less technology...more island living and family moments...yes please 🙂.Do you have a porch? Do you use it? #anguilla. ...
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Yesterday was a holiday in celebration of the Queen's birthday. We decided to go to Crocus Bay. I guess everyone had the same idea because the beach was packed😁. My sister and I were joking that it was like Miami Beach or Bolivar Beach in Athens during the summer (both which we have visited 😁). Nash pointed out we were being ridiculous because we all know there is always loads of space on Anguilla's beaches even on what I would refer to as a crowded beach day. I just really love having the beach to myself or almost to myself. Anguilla spoils you in that way. As our most recent tagline says 'Lose the crowd, find yourself ❤." As Anguilla reopens further, we expect more visitors to our shores and on our beaches which is of course a good thing 😃. However, the beach emptied soon after we arrived. After exploring the rocks, taking a soak and a walk, I felt renewed. Ready for this new week! Have you ever had an entire beach in Anguilla to yourself? ...
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It's a rainy Friday 🌧. I love the smell of the rain. I know I have been looking forward to some rainfall so hoping to get plenty. Looking forward to a cozy evening with the fam.What are you doing tonight? #anguilla ...
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Cari Bella Skincare ...
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