Hi and welcome to My Anguilla Experience.  In Anguilla, our people are our greatest asset. We are warm, friendly, and outgoing. We love to welcome visitors to the island. We are truly lucky this is our home and we get the privilege of enjoying it every day. We want to share what we love about living in Anguilla with you. If you are a past or present visitor, a potential visitor, an Anguillian living abroad, or an one living right here in Anguilla like me, we invite you to join us. Get on board! The ride promises to be as scenic as a sunset on Shoal bay and as exciting as the ferry ride from St Maarten- St Martin  to our island paradise. My life, My experience, My Anguilla!

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 There are a lot of great resources about Anguilla online and in print and we hope to be able to bring something interesting to the conversation. we look forward to sharing our experiences with you and we hope you will join us as we bring our beachesfoodlocal storiespeoplemusicartweddings and much more to life. So, come and explore Anguilla with us!

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The same sun with millions of unique sunsets. If you missed it today be sure not to miss it tomorrow. ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

The same sun with millions of unique sunsets. If you missed it today be sure not to miss it tomorrow.

You know what I love about Crocus Bay?
There is always someone with a story. So many stories. Yet I always feel comfortable being there. #feelslikehome
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3 weeks ago

Contagious smiles: 😁
I had a great summer in Anguilla and one of the best things was being able to see and spend time with familiar faces from friends and family.
I took hundreds of pictures but a few stood out because each time I saw them the persons in them made me feel like smiling as well.
Let me know what you think. If any of the pictures make you feel the same way, do post them in the comments.
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1 month ago


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I love Anguilla and my name is Stephanie Johnson too 🙂

Being honest, every one of them make me smile. Such beautiful, prideful, jovial, fun-loving people in every one! 🇦🇮❤️💙

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