Opening Night – Anguilla Summer Festival 2015

The Summer Festival started off with a bang on 30th August 2015 with the Opening Night Festivities. The Carnival Village was packed and some heavy rain did not dim the spirits and atmosphere of the night. Everyone was hyped to kick off the season.


There were some brief speeches by officials, introduction of pageant contestants and performances by Klassique Dance Academy and From Within Dance Company. The highlight of the evening as always was the fireworks display and it did not disappoint! As all eyes looked to the sky, a kaleidoscope of colours erupted to the murmurs of approval and screams of delight from both adults and children. The final touch at the end of the display was the turning on of lights for a large sign which read AXA Summer Festival. With that, Anguilla Summer Festival 2015 was open.

See below the video of the fireworks display.

South Valley Street Fair

The annual South Valley Street Fair was held on Saturday 1st August, 2015. This festival is a welcome addition to the summer festival line up each year. After all, food and drinks are necessary to fortify you to ‘lime’ all night and all day for the rest of the carnival week.

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I am glad that the organisers continued to plan the South Valley Street Fair because it was good to see familiar faces such as the little girls selling snow cones, Jerry and his family selling roast corn and Evelyn selling her popcorn and other items which brings back childhood memories from Valley Primary School. An added bonus was that I was able to get some good food.

Lime Soca Monarch/ Soca Groovy Competition

The second night of the season was the LIME Soca Monarch/Soca Groovy Competition. Congratulations to Daniella ‘Lioness’ Richardson on capturing both titles. This lady has a powerhouse of a voice. If you haven’t heard her sing be sure to tune in to any of the local radio stations or call in to request to hear one of her songs.

Next up is Band Clash/ Bandorama. ‘Band talk’ is now one of Anguillians favourite pastimes. The winner of Band Clash/ Bandorama will determine which of the local bands and their fans will have bragging rights for the next year. Will it be PVI, Exodus, DMB or one of the other bands?

Stay tuned to find out. Also come out on August Monday to find out who will command the crowd…Remember the slogan for Summer Festival 2015

‘Pageants, Talents and Boatracing Supreme, Anguilla Summer Festival 2015.’Summer-Festival-Poster-2015

Check out the Summer Festival 2015 Calendar to guide you to the date of the upcoming events.



Have fun and stay safe everyone! Remember this is our culture. Let’s preserve it by keeping it clean.

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Talk to you soon!