Hi everyone

Prevention is really better than cure when it comes to mosquito bites :).

As I said in a previous post Anguilla had a lot of rain recently. I was talking to an older person about the blessing of rain to fill our cisterns. She agreed but then simply stated that the rain would also bring mosquitoes. She was right.

I don’t normally get bitten but after forgetting my Off and spending an evening outdoors with friends, well let’s just say I learnt my lesson.

Before I considered moving into our home, we had screens installed for all windows. Screens are an investment in pest control and by extension mosquito  control. If you do not have screens and you keep your windows open after dark, I applaud you.

Most homes will also have bug spray, insect repellent, mosquito zappers, citronella and more to help combat mosquitoes.

A small business in Anguilla called Paradise Island hand makes soaps and other products. They also make ‘Don’t bug me spray’ using natural products. I love the name. Check them out on Facebook for further information.


The Department of Health Protection Vector Control Unit is working diligently to clear possible breeding sites in the public domain. They also conduct periodic fogging but warn that this only kills adult mosquitoes.

We must also play our part to ensure that areas around our homes do not attract mosquitoes. Two easy ways to do this are to eliminate items or areas which have stagnant water and cover cisterns or containers which collect water.

A recent article in the New York Times mistakenly reported that Anguilla had recorded 100-1000 cases of Chickungunya. We had 47 confirmed cases and the incidence of reports on this mosquito borne disease in Anguilla is declining.

However, we should all still be vigilant. Apply insect repellent and wear appropriate mosquito fighting clothing 🙂 if necessary.

OK so now that I have already been bitten, what can I do to reduce itching?

My home remedy of baking soda and warm water only worked for a little while.

I am looking for new ideas.Tell me your remedy for mosquito bites!

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