One of the most popular debates in Anguillian history (I may be slightly exaggerating haha) is which is better – lobster or crayfish?

On our Instagram page, @myanguillaexperience, we carried out a poll to settle the debate once and for all. Lobster proved supreme slightly edging out its smaller, arguably sweeter cousin, the crayfish.

Despite popular opinion, for me personally, nothing sweeter than crayfish! So, when I found out that Veya Restaurant was offering a $5 crayfish special every Wednesday night, I was very very excited to try it out.

Veya Restaurant, Island style, The Business of Chic
Can you feel my excitement?! 😀 😀

Since learning about the special late last year, I have tried it out twice. Once with my family for my mom’s birthday celebration back in December and most recently with a couple of friends.

Both times, the crayfish was exceptionally good! The service was also quite excellent. Our drinks and meal were served in a very timely fashion and the wait staff were very friendly and courteous.

Veya Restaurant, Island style, The Business of Chic
Paloma and I. Girls just wanna have fun….in prints! 🙂

Thinking about trying out the Wednesday night crayfish special at Veya Restaurant? Here are a few things you need to know first!

1.) Make a Reservation (the earlier the better!)

As Wednesday nights at Veya continue to grow in popularity, it is very important to make a reservation at least a couple days in advance. The first time I went I was able to get an early reservation (6:30pm) on the same day. However, when I went this month, I had to call several days in advance for a spot and I still was only able to get a later (8:30pm) reservation.

Unfortunately, the second time around the fries (which are amazing) were already sold out so we opted to try the other options. Honestly, while they were good they do not compare to those yummy spicy fries. Thus, if you want to ensure that you get the full Veya experience complete with full menu availability, be sure to book in advance and dine at an earlier time.

Veya Restaurant, Island style, The Business of Chic
Downstairs in the Meze Lounge

2.) Size matters

The crayfish special is $5. However, how many pieces you get per $5 depends on the size of the crayfish. If the crayfish is large, you will get one halve for 5$. If it is on the smaller side you will get both halves and if it’s really small, then Veya is usually kind enough to throw in an extra piece. For me personally, 3-4 servings of crayfish is usually sufficient, however if you’re not a big eater, 2 servings is an ideal amount.

With your order of crayfish, you get an accompanying sauce of your choice. On our last visit, the options were a lemon butter sauce or a curry sauce. We couldn’t decide, so we got them both! The curry was really interesting as I’ve never had a curry sauce with crayfish. It was pretty good but a simple buttery sauce for crayfish or lobster will always be my preference. It just feels and tastes right!

Veya Restaurant, crayfish in anguilla
Nothing sweeter!

3.) All sides are $5

Along with the $5 crayfish, there are a few sides that you can choose from which are also $5 a piece. This usually includes french fries, a rice dish and veggie dish. I have tried all the sides and I can say very confidently that the fries are the best, hands down.

Before your meal, you are also treated to a few complimentary light bites including a soup/chowder and an assortment of hot Johnny cakes and banana/pumpkin bread. My favourite is the Johnny cakes which are always hot, fluffy and delicious!

Veya Restaurant, crayfish in anguilla
Complimentary light bites
Veya Restaurant, crayfish in anguilla
Love a passion fruit margarita!

If you are a seafood lover like myself then the $5 crayfish special on Wednesdays at Veya Restaurant is a must try! If crayfish is not necessarily your thing, of course the regular menu is also available on the night. The calamari is absolutely fantastic and I would definitely recommend it.

Veya Restaurant, crayfish in anguilla
Calamari was so good!

Let us know if you are Team Crayfish or Team Lobster! Also share in the comments if you have tried/would try the $5 Crayfish special at Veya Restaurant.

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xoxo, MAE