Anguilla Day Parade 2015


Parade and Boat Racing – This is we Ting!

I woke up early anticipating that I would listen to the Anguilla Day parade on Radio Anguilla. Then curiosity and patriotism kicked in and I felt the urge to attend. I hurriedly dressed and headed to the park. I gave my mom a call while I was on my way. I knew she would be there as my mom and aunt have been attending the Anguilla Day parade for decades. Not surprisingly they were already there. As I walked on the park and looked towards the bleachers I saw a sea of white blue and orange. Anguillian pride was on display!

I was happy that I chose to attend as I listened to the addresses by the Governor, Leader of the Opposition and the Honourable Chief Minister. Congrats to all who received the Anguilla Badge of Honour and Queen’s Certificate for Anguilla Day 2015! They are

  • Henderson Smith – Revolution
  • Synric (Fogle) Webster – Revolution
  • Violet Harrigan – Revolution
  • Hon Hubert B. Hughes – Social Development (Politics)
  • Irvin Phillips – Social Development (Entrepreneurship)
  • Audley Almair Carty – Social Development (Construction)
  • Clement (Bankie) Banx – Social Development (The Arts)

At the end of the Parade as I watched the various groups march by, I reminisced on the many Anguilla Days I stood out in the sun for country, first as a Brownie, then a Guide and later as a Lieutenant in 2nd Anguilla Girls Brigade Company. I suspect that my days of marching are not yet over. I salute all the uniform bodies who continue to make the parade a reality each year.


Following the Anguilla Day Boat Race Via Sea


Anguilla Day was a double celebration for me as I also celebrated my 26th Birthday. It has become increasingly popular for Anguillians and visitors to follow the boat race via boat and I too hit the high seas in a catamaran to enjoy the race and party all at once. The views from the ocean are always spectacular. I had a fab time with friends.

Anguilla Day Celebrations at Sandy Ground


After spending the entire morning at home, I decided to head to Sandy Ground where the boat race would finish sometime later in the afternoon.  I knew there would be lots of colourful outfits so I walked with my camera. As soon as I arrived I met some friends whom I spent most of my time with. As we walked the beach I was able to take some pictures, meet and chat with people especially those I don’t normally encounter. It was a fun afternoon. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.