The Anguillian Dialect and Accent

The other day I was by Ken getting some Barbeque and garlic bread and I turned to a visitor and said “Can you pass me a sack please?” She looked at me blankly and then her eyes followed the direction I was pointing. I hastily corrected myself “a bag please.” We both laughed as she handed over the plastic bag.

Many Anguillians abroad probably have a lot of funny stories where we have used our dialect or local phrases during a conversation and were met with blank stares. Perhaps you were just having a conversation with another Anguillian and someone asked if you were speaking English. This is a true story! I know I had plenty of interesting experiences while I lived and studied in Canada and England!

As my family and I prepare to leave Anguilla, one of the things I will certainly miss is hearing our lyrical accent and dialect everywhere. Our dialect and accent are so colorful and bright that they sound like sunlight to my ears. Xavi just turned three so he will pick up the British accent.  ‘Aya Lawd’ and ‘Aya looka wuk’  will no doubt be a part of his vocabulary too! Anguillians use these terms all the time to express emotions ranging from surprise, happiness to shock. Laughter is bubbling up now as I picture Xavi’s intermingled accents and expressions.

Good news

Technology has indeed made the world tiny and I am super grateful for that. The sounds of Anguilla are only a click away through live radio streams and live viewings on social media. I can go wherever my friends and family are through Live streaming and video too. So even though we will be far away, a daily dose of the sounds of Anguilla is just a click away.


Chatting in dialect while fishing for Eva’s birthday a few years ago – It was epic 🙂 🙂

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No worries!

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