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HiiiI love coconut water and bonus it helps to keep me hydrated. Zoe's beverage of choice still comes from her momma😘. I'm over here trying to stay cool and hydrated 😀 while having fun this summer at home and at play🏖. How are you beating the heat this summer? #anguilla ...
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Part 2 - When @darylpaintsfaces asked me what I wanted painted on my tummy last year, I had several, not very cohesive thoughts 😀. I wanted the painting to represent that Zoe was conceived in England but birthed in Anguilla. I wanted to capture nature in England, representing the long walks, we took as a family in the woods, trails and fields and how we bonded during the pandemic. I wanted it to show my love and gratitude for new life, even as many lost their lives. I wanted the painting to show the beauty of Anguilla, the joy of being Anguillian/West Indian and my happiness for being back where I most belong. I wanted my belly painting to tell a story of hope, love, faith, trust and a journey of a pregnancy which played out in two very different countries but was beautiful from start to birth. @darylpaintsfaces nailed it 🧡. Do you agree. Swipe left for a closer look at the beautiful details in this painting and the most adorable photo of Xavi kissing my tummy ❤❤❤.I am glad that belly paintings are something that I did for both my children. #anguilla ...
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Part 1 - When @darylpaintsfaces reached out to me during my first pregnancy I was super excited. My nine month tummy was going to be a canvas and I knew exactly what I wanted painted...a beach scene with two sets of footprints. I knew that my son and I were going to spend a lot of time together on the beach. Daryl is a true professional and I felt super comfortable and informed during the entire process.Google belly painting and let me know if you see my smiling face and and the talented artist on the front page 😀.Every couple of years Daryl would tell me he is ready to paint baby belly number two. Let's fastforward to 2020. I was at my due date and I see a message from Daryl😆. It was last minute fate and I am in love with Zoe's belly painting. Fun fact - Stay belly was soo much bigger the second time around! #anguilla ...
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Anguilla boasts 33 beautiful beaches and some of us go to the beach fairly often.These days more persons just wear a swimsuit but this was not always the case. I remember going to the beach and into the sea in shorts and a T- shirt over my swimsuit for many years. This had more to do with modesty and what I was taught was appropriate in public than my body image. For others, it may be that you don't feel confident with your body. I know now that wearing just a swimsuit to the beach is appropriate. There are persons who still disagree. My take is that every body is a swimsuit body and swimsuits were made and designed for us to swim. Let's normalise feeling confident, strong, appropriate and beautiful in the skin and bodies we are in, on the beach, in the bedroom and in the boardroom.Remember you are beautiful! Have fun this summer ya'll 😀! #anguilla ...
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Anguilla is perfect for lovers ❤❤. Nash and I have been married over eight years but we still try to date when we can. Here are five of my favourite things to do with my favourite guy 😀 on Anguilla. 1) Let's start with beach time😀🏖. We walk, catch the sunset, go for a swim or just talk. If you were on Shoal Bay, last Sunday, yep that was definitely us acting like newly weds in love 🥰👫. 2) Lunch or Dinner - There are sooooo many options to choose from when eating out in Anguilla. Ocean Echo is definitely one of our faves right now for both the food and view. 3) Hiking or Watersports - We both enjoy physical activities so hikes with Anguilla National Trust around Anguilla's coast or kayaking to Little Bay for example are always fun and bonus, a good workout too. 4) Staycations - We love @shoalbayvilllas ❤. It is affordable, beautiful and sits on gorgeous Shoal Bay. We definitely plan to do a staycation somewhere this year so stay tuned. 5) Exploring - Anguilla is tiny but there are lots of roads and a few beaches we have never explored. We jump in the car or @mokeanguilla (plan for our next date), put on some music and explore unknown parts of this paradise we call home. What are your favourite things to do on dates in Anguilla? #anguilla ...
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