Orientation for 2017 Cohort of Job Link Up Programme

The Department of youth and Culture (DYC) launched the 2017 cohort of the Job Link Up Programme on January 24th 2017 at the Anguilla Community College. Welcome remarks were given to participants by Director of Youth and Culture, Mr Bren Romney, Senior Programme Officer – Youth, Ms. Joleyne Robin and Chairperson of the Programme, Ms. Lauraine Gumbs.

Joleyne Robin

Joleyne Robin

Angelina Carty

Angelina Carty

During the one day orientation, participants learned more about mentoring from Mrs. Angelina Carty and about the Job Link Up Programme in general.

The goal of the programme is to support the engagement of young people in sustainable livelihoods. Facilitation of the entry of vulnerable young people into sustained employment is the main objective.The output of the programme is an individually tailored package of work experience, training, guidance and counseling to vulnerable young people.

Components of the Job Link Up programme

  • Behavioral and Career Counseling
  • Employability Training and Coaching
  • Literacy, Numeracy and ICT Training
  • Skills Development Training (BTEC Certification)
  • Mentorship
  • Personal and Professional Development Coaching
  • Job Placements (Apprenticeship)

All participants of the programme will be required to attend classes and soft skills personal and professional development sessions throughout the sixth month duration of the programme. The Anguilla Community College will be providing most of the training to the students.  Participants will be given a stipend at the end of each month. Those who successfully complete the programme will be given the opportunity to attend a graduation.

The young persons learned a little about personal action plans and were asked to write down briefly what they hoped to gain from the programme. Responses indicate that the students are ready to commit to the programme. Many have similar goals of learning new skills and acquiring a permanent job.

Participant’s Reaction at Orientation

One student said, “Today I learned that the Job Link Up Programme is a programme that supports the engagement of youth between the ages of 16-30. Six months from now I wish to see myself being placed full-time and being the best I can be. I want to be promoted in my job field.”

Another said, “I have learned more about this DYC Programme and how to handle myself in certain job situation. I have a great interest in completing this course and enhancing my numeracy skills.”

One student honed in on the idea of conquering fear. She said, “I learned that it is bad to have fear and it is good to have courage. It can lead you to good things and help us with interviews.”

The participants grasped that a big component of the programme is about gaining new skills and that it does not guarantee employment. Comments shared included “I learned that the programme will help me develop and enhance skills that will help me towards getting a job.” Another comment stated,  “I learned that the programme is an opportunity for the vulnerable people living in Anguilla. At the end of the programme I wish to achieve employment.” Another student said, “What I learned was that this was a programme for gaining experience and job skills, not primarily to get a job. What motivates me and what would make me feel good is the possibility to deal with computers or just the opportunity to gain new skills.”

Job Link Up Participant

Job Link Up Participant

More about Job Link Up

The job link-up programme is now in its ninth year. In remarks given in 2016, Director of Youth and Culture, Mr. Bren Romney said

Mr. Bren Romney

Mr. Bren Romney

“The Job Link Up Programme was initially developed to provide employment assistance to young persons who had particular risk factors. These include socio-economic, academic, previous encounters with the law and so on.

The programme is entirely different than how it originally started. The focus on at risk youth continues, but [it also] focuses on providing [assistance to] young people with particular disabilities through the Touch Component – whether they are in a wheelchair or whatever is the case. We also work with them through physical therapy, counselling, and try to get them in full-time employment.

This year we added Job Link-up Plus. This is another component which focuses on young people who do not have risk factors, but still have challenges finding employment. They have probably been unemployed for an extended period of time after leaving the Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School irrespective of their efforts. We therefore added Job Link-up Plus to capture that category of young persons. We are doing the same thing for them. We are providing them with on-going career counselling and apprenticeship placements to help them build their CVs, and while they are doing that we are providing them with viability training.”

Job Link Up  a Success

Mr. Romney often shares some of the statistics in terms of students being placed in full –time employment after the six month placement. He reminds each cohort that students gain or do not gain full employment based on what they do. He stated, “What we provide for you, through this programme, is an opportunity to develop yourself personally – your professional skills – and to make contacts in the business community for employment.”

In 2013, 78% of the persons who participated in the programme gained full-time employment. In 2014, 83.3% gained full-time employment; and in 2015 58.2% gained full-time employment.

DYC continues to make a tremendous difference in the  lives of youth in Anguilla. We wish this new cohort of students best of luck as they engage in training and enter the workforce.

Job Link Up Participants


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