Hi everyone

I hope you had a great weekend! May the week ahead be wonderful. Stay positive and smile much!

I smiled a lot on Saturday while having dinner at Cha Cha San for Patricia’s birthday. Good food, good friends and good vibes.Pat was looking radiant and beautiful as always. She looks younger with each year. Do you remember our blog post from Pat’s birthday celebration at CeBlue restaurant?


Last season, my good intentions to visit Cha Cha San did not materialize. However, Sherise visited a few times and her reviews were great. I was happy then to visit Cha Cha San on the second night of their second season!

Cha Cha San is a Pan Asian restaurant with a focus on Chinese food. Between the 11 persons on the table, we tried a number of different items and drinks on the menu including sushi, spring rolls and the main dishes. My main dish was the sweet and sour pork which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Chef Ken was as friendly and gracious as I had heard and made us feel welcome.

With Chef Ken at Cha Cha San

With Chef Ken

Cha Cha San has become a favourite for many on the island. I have no doubt I will be back to visit and to try some more of the items on the menu.

Cheers Chef Ken…See you soon!

Check out Sherise’s first night and my first night at Cha Cha San in pictures. Leave a comment and let us know what is your favourite dish on the menu.

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Cha Cha San

Sweet an Sour Pork Cha Cha San


Nash and I at Cha Cha San

Nash and I

Sherise’s Dinner at Cha Cha San