“The Youth of Today are the Leaders of Tomorrow” – Nelson Mandela

A substantial portion of my most valuable leadership training I received as a youth. Most of it came through opportunities from the Department of Youth and Culture (DYC). DYC continues to train and equip the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. The most recent initiative was a successful 2018 National Youth Leaders’ Summit.

National Youth Leaders’ Summit

The Summit was a collaborative effort between The Youth Affairs Division of the Department of Youth and the Anguilla National Youth Council (ANYC) and was held on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th July at La Vue Boutique Hotel in South Hill.  The opening ceremony of the National Youth Leaders’ Summit was chaired by Mrs. Jocelyne Mills, Programme Officer – Youth Development. The summit began with a beautiful rendition of the national song, delivered by Ms. Shemara Browne.

Invited guests and guest speakers included the Honourable Minister of Social Development, Mr. Evans McNiel Rogers; the Honourable Parliamentary Secretary, Mr. Cardigan Connor; Permanent Secretary, Health & Social Development,  Dr. Bonnie Richardson-Lake; President of the outgoing National Youth Council, Ms. Jasmin Ruan; facilitator of the 2018 National Youth Leaders’ Summit, Mr. Christopher Richardson; Director of the Department of Youth and Culture, Mr. Bren Romney and youth leaders representing their respective youth organisations.

Youth Leaders Summit

Facilitator Mr. Christopher Richardson and other Invited Guests and Speakers – National Youth Leaders Summit

The Theme of the National Youth Leaders’ Summit was; “Youth leading the way forward:  Facing the future together”. 

Day 1 began with a dialogue around the ‘Five Levels of Leadership’.  The session was delivered with much enthusiasm and charisma, which not only stirred the interest of the youth leaders but held their attention throughout the day.

Day 2 continued with focus on positional leadership, as well as a discussion on how influential leaders can inspire and aid their team members to build good and successful organisations.   Through the sessions, young leaders were strengthened in their resolve to improve on their leadership qualities by learning from opportunities and threats that they might encounter in their journey to the top levels of leadership.

National Youth Leaders Summit

National Youth Leaders Summit 2018

Executive Board for the Anguilla National Youth Council

The second half of Day 2 commenced with a business meeting, chaired by Mr. Bren Romney. The business meeting culminated with the elections of the new executive board which will serve for the next two years (2018 – 2020).

The new executive members are:

President:                              Mr. Neil Gumbs

Vice President:                     Mr. Damanie Campbell

Secretary:                               Ms. Carina Richardson

Treasurer:                              Ms. Soya Williams

Assist. Sec/Treasurer:         Ms. Alvanique Frank

Public Relation Officer:       Mr. Devon Carter


Understudies for the President are:

Mr. Jo’Ardie Richardson

Mr. Tahjique Connor


Understudies for the Vice President are:

Ms. Savannah Croft

Ms. Abigail Proctor

Executive Members of National Youth Council

Executive Members of National Youth Council

The Anguilla National Youth Council serves to protect the interests of all youth, youth groups, and affiliated organisations in Anguilla, and to advance and promote the general welfare and social progress of, not only the youth, but also the people of Anguilla.  If you are interested in knowing more about the Anguilla National Youth Council, please contact the Programme Officer – Youth, Mrs. Jocelyne Mills at (264) 498 3792 or  email [email protected]

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