Social Security Celebrates 35th Anniversary

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Anguilla Social Security Board.  In celebration of this milestone, the Social Security Office scheduled a week of activities from November 3rd to November 9th. On November 3rd, 2017, the Anguilla Social Security Board held its first activity, a media launch of the James Ronald Webster Scholarship Grant.

The date of November 3rd was strategically selected for the launch of the James Ronald Webster Grant. It was  on this date in 1982 that the Social Security Act was signed by Mr. James Ronald Webster,  the founder of Social Security and the Father of the Nation. The Grant was developed in celebration of and in tribute to Mr. James Ronald Webster. The scholarship amount of EC$3500, was chosen to match the ‘35’ years of Social Security’s Service to the public. The Scholarship was open to all students in the BTEC Business Subsidiary Diploma (Level 3) Programme at the Anguilla Community College.

Ms. Camarlla Blake – Winner of James Ronald Webster Scholarship Grant

Winner Ms. Camarlla Blake with Director of Social Security, Mr. Timothy Hodge and President of Anguilla Community College, Dr. Karl Dawson

Winner Ms. Camarlla Blake with Director of Social Security, Mr. Timothy Hodge and President of Anguilla Community College, Dr. Karl Dawson

Seven students from the Anguilla Community College applied for the grant. They were reviewed based on academic performance, financial need and an interview. Ms. Camarlla Blake was selected as the recipient of the grant. Camarlla expressed her appreciation to Social Security and the Anguilla Community College for the opportunity. She conveyed that being selected as the winner would inspire her to work even harder to achieve her goals.

Grant recipient with Director of Social Security and President of Community College

Grant recipient with Director of Social Security and President of Community College

Remarks at Media Launch

In addition to the media and the grant recipient, in attendance at this event were representatives from the Anguilla Social Security Office and the Anguilla Community College. Remarks were given by the Director of the Social Security Board, Mr. Timothy Hodge. Mr. Timothy Hodge shared some history of Social Security and congratulated Ms. Camarlla Blake for being selected as the winner. He also used the opportunity to share an update on Social Security including the fact that Anguilla’s Social Security System is performing ahead of the curve. Mr. Hodge also shared that the Office was implementing a new computerised financial system which would help to streamline the company’s processes and would benefit the public as well. Mr. Hodge also mentioned briefly that Social Security will be releasing information in the near future about a relief initiative for the unemployed and underemployed in Anguilla.

Education is Key – Learn more about ACC

The President of the Anguilla Community College, Mr. Karl Dawson expressed congratulations to the winner. He also conveyed appreciation to Social Security for recognising the importance of education and providing opportunities for students. He looked forward to the Anguilla Community College and Social Security partnering on future initiatives. The Dean, Registrar and Assistant Registrar of the College, Mr. Quincy Harrigan, Ms. Carla Harris and Mrs. Shellecia Brooks-Johnson, respectively also shared brief congratulatory remarks. All persons in Anguilla are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities provided through the Anguilla Community College to further their education and/or gain new skills.

Education is Key!

Education is Key!

Activities for Social Security Week

Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Rosanna Browne who chaired the programme shared information about the week of activities. The activities included the breast and prostate cancer walk and breakfast done in collaboration with the Anguilla Cancer Society. Radio addresses by the Honourable Chief Minister, Mr. Victor Banks who has responsibility for Social Security, Mr. Timothy Hodge, Director and Mr. Russel Reid, Chairman of the Social Security Board were also an integral part of the week.

On Thursday, November 9th, 2017, there will be a lecture and video presentation by Mr. David Carty on Climate Change in Social Security’s parking lot. All are invited to attend. A free barbeque will follow the lecture.

About Social Security

The Social Security System pays the following short-term and long-term benefits to eligible insured persons.

Short-term benefits include:

Long-term benefits include:
Non-contributory Old Age Pension

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