10 signs that I am a ‘Caribbean Girl’

I am Anguillian born and raised so yes I am an ‘island girl’ or ‘Caribbean girl.

What does it mean to be a Caribbean girl?  This list captures 10 things it means for me. Stay tuned for another 10 coming soon. Let me know what it means to you?

My sister and I at Crocus Bay, Anguilla

My sister and I at Crocus Bay, Anguilla

1) It means I lived on an island most or all of my life.

I enjoy living on an island and I love my island home. I believe it is important to contribute my time and resources to make it better. I am committed to doing that through my words and actions.

2) It means I spend time on the beach (the beaches in Anguilla are amazingly beautiful).

I don’t always swim when I go to the beach because that would mean wetting my hair, washing my hair and all the time and headaches which go along with getting my hair back under control. I do however enjoy all the beach bars, restaurants and activities like romantic walks with the hubby.Read about exploring Little Bay here.

Swimming at Little Bay, Anguilla

Swimming at Sandy Ground, Anguilla

3) It means that I work hard and I have big goals but I also appreciate and crave the simple things in life.

My goals are certainly bigger than the size of my island and I celebrate each win. Balance is also important to me. I love seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset, my short drive to work, early morning hikes with friends or dinner at a local or 5 star restaurant.

Paddle boarding with Anguilla Water Sports

Paddle boarding with Anguilla Water Sports

4) It means that while I value my privacy, I know that in small communities people talk about everything and everyone.

This is a fact so smile and move on. Headlines change daily.

5) It means that on any given day, if I go to the supermarket I will have a ‘meaningful’ conversation with someone.

The population in Anguilla is just over 13,000 people. While I certainly do not know everyone, I can expect to see and talk to numerous persons I know while running errands. There is no such thing as getting in and out without seeing anyone you know.

The comment below on Facebook had me laughing as I thought about island life and point 5 above. An acquaintance of mine posted:

‘Yes I walked around Albert Lake and Best Buy supermarkets with no shoes on…yes I felt like it….my name is X, I am 33 and I do what I want and I endorse this message. ‪#‎mindyabusiness‬

6) It means that at least twice a year I say ‘Time to get off this rock.’

Anguilla is an amazing place to vacation and those who visit year after year always have a great and relaxing vacation. I love to travel too and look forward to vacations where I can experience other cultures and lifestyles and meet new people. My most recent trips were to Jamaica and Punta Cana. After my vacation though I love coming back to Anguilla refreshed and rejuvenated.

7) It means that at some point the words ‘only in Anguilla/the Caribbean’ will come out of my mouth.

I always think it is funny when I observe in disbelief some act, behaviour or level of service which would be totally unacceptable in many parts of the world. In the same breath though, there are often many positive actions and deeds which make me proud to be a Caribbean girl.

8) It means that I am still friends with persons I have known since I was five.

We may not all still live in Anguilla but persons from Anguilla tend to visit home fairly regularly so years don’t go by without seeing each other. See also point 6 (sometimes I visit friends overseas).

A field of crocus flowers

A field of crocus flowers – My Girls Brigade Lieutenant Uniform

9) It means that all year round I should technically be ‘summer body’ ready.

As it is always summer,  our bodies are summer ready all the time. Caribbean women like all women come in many beautiful shapes and sizes. Stay fit for sure but enjoy the skin you are in too.

Beautiful Sunset in Anguilla

Beautiful Sunset in Anguilla

10) It means that I am happy

Island life is not perfect. There are a few things I miss about living in Canada or England but the key word here is ‘few’.  My life in the Caribbean is wonderfully simple yet rewarding. Each day I give God thanks for my beautiful island, its people, its quirks and for the freedoms and beauty all around us which we take for granted.

Read more about why I love Anguilla here.

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I smile!

I smile!