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The leaves are changing colour from green to yellow to red and fluttering to the ground. The temperature is falling into single digits. There is a realisation that even Fall will soon be a distant memory as outerwear with hoods becomes more of an everyday norm than an occasional option.

I can well imagine that those like me who are currently living in colder climates are starting to think about a warm vacation getaway within the next few months. I know the perfect spot. It is a tiny and picturesque island in the Caribbean that I will always call home. Let me tell you the top 5 reasons why Anguilla should be on your ‘make it happen and escape somewhere warm wish list’ this winter.

Kayaking from Crocus Bay to Little Bay Anguilla

Kayaking from Crocus Bay to Little Bay Anguilla

1. Visit Anguilla and lose yourself in Beach-tacular Moments

Sink your feet in the powdery white sand and admire your manicured toes through our crystal clear waters

I lived in Anguilla all my life and I have visited our beaches hundreds of times. Yet, so many times I sat on our pristine white sand in total awe and admiration as I watched the dazzling sun dance on each perfect crystal of white sand.  Its golden hues created unrivaled shades of blue on the never ending ocean before me. Our beaches never feel crowded and if you venture a little off the beaten path you can find romantic and secluded coves. Lie on the beach and soak up the sun’s rays or take a swim or a stroll. If you like more adventure, visit the water park or engage in any of the myriad of water sports available. Hint – Kayaking to Little Bay is one of my favourites!

Visit Anguilla for our beaches

Visit Anguilla for our beaches

2. Visit Anguilla and engage in Dining Experiences that your Tummy will Love

Eating out in Anguilla is my favourite pastime. Try BBQ from a roadside grill like Ken or Valley (they are really easy to find) or crayfish or lobster from a beach bar or an offshore cay.  If you are in the mood for a three course dinner at an upscale restaurant the options are enticing. Half of the fun of coming to Anguilla is planning where you are going to eat before you are even on island. However, be mindful that there are so many choices here that you have to be willing to deviate from the plan if you spot a restaurant or grill that looks and smells enticing. When you are in Anguilla just eat where it feels right. Your tummy will thank you.

lunch at The Restaurant at Malliouhana

Lunch at The Restaurant at Malliouhana

3. Visit Anguilla and build BFF kinds of Relationships

Anguillians will leave you alone if that is your wish. However our lilting and lyrical accent which always has a trace of a smile and warm hugs will seduce the most standoffish of travellers. Your taxi driver, waitress, restaurant owner or the couple you sit across from at the bar could become one of your best friends. Anguilla is the kind of place you will think of and remember long after you left. Top of mind will be the amazing people you will meet as you journey throughout the island.

Taxi Drivers and Mr. Kevin Carty

Taxi Drivers and Mr. Kevin Carty

4. Visit Anguilla and decide which is your favourite – Sunrises or Sunsets

Many villas, hotel rooms and even apartments and Airbnb’s have a view. If you are an early riser, relax on the patio or take a stroll on the beach. Be one of the first to welcome the sun. You will be rewarded with a smile of radiant hues guaranteed to keep you glowing for the rest of the day. If early rising gives you the shakes, no worries. Do not miss a sunset when you visit Anguilla. You will be riveted by the reds, oranges and yellow hues that she will cast across the sky and will remain transfixed as she slowly dips beneath the horizon. No sunrise or sunset is the same so capture as many as you can.

Sunset Meads Bay

Sunset Meads Bay

5. Visit Anguilla and fill your days with activities that will relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul

If your goals are to relax and to return from vacation feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, Anguilla is for you. We know relaxation!  Be sure to rent a car when you visit Anguilla. Explore the island on your own timeline not anyone else’s.  Book a day at the spa. Spend an evening or four at a restaurant, bar or hotel where there is live music and dance the night away. Escape to an offshore cay and feed sugar to the birds. Book a private charter for a sunset cruise around the island. Go scuba diving or snorkelling. Take a hike with the Anguilla National Trust. Learn more about our history and culture at the Heritage Museum. Breathe in a sunset and breathe out every stress that you ever had on this tranquil island that is wrapped in blue.

Winter is coming.  For sunlight, smiles and spectacular memories choose Anguilla.

Sandy Island

Sandy Island

I was published on Forbes Travel Guide

An article I wrote for Forbes Travel Guide entitled 10 Top Anguilla Attractions was recently featured on their website. Read it here! I was super excited to write it so let me know what you think.

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For warm and magical moments visit Anguilla this Winter.