My Top Five Favourite Beaches in Anguilla – Crocus Bay


Anguilla is 35 square miles and is home to 33 beautiful beaches. In this vlog I am on location at one of my top five favourite beaches in Anguilla. Have a look and find out why Crocus Bay made the list of my top five favourite beaches in Anguilla.

For many years Crocus Bay was forgotten by most persons other than those who live in the area. It’s rustic simplicity does not appeal to everyone but I love it.  However, the addition of  Da’Vida Restaurant has once again brought this beach to the attention of visitors and locals. Do stop by and visit Crocus Bay on your next visit to Anguilla. Perhaps it will become one of your favourite beaches in Anguilla.

Also check out my first Youtube video which was shot on the beach at Shoal Bay, Anguilla. This video isn’t a part of the current series on my top five favourite beaches in Anguilla so you will have to stay tuned to find out if Shoal Bay Beach made the list.

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With 33 beautiful beaches to choose from, there are different features and perks which draw various persons to a beach. From a sense of exclusivity, to popular restaurants, to the availability of shade from the welcome but blazing heat – the reasons are endless.

My Anguilla Experience would like to hear from you.  Write a comment and let us know what are your top five favourite beaches in Anguilla and why.

View from the top of the hill, Crocus Bay, Anguilla

View from the top of the hill, Crocus Bay, Anguilla