Intricate Art Work at Ani Art Academy Anguilla

Intricate Art Work by Elizardo Mojica at Ani Art Academy Anguilla


Art Instructor Timothy Jahn at Ani Art Academy Anguilla

Art Instructor Timothy Jahn at Ani Art Academy Anguilla

I had the opportunity recently to attend an open house at the Ani Art Academy. Their website states that ‘Ani Art Academies is a non-profit organization that provides an intensive multi-year art skills education to aspiring artists around the world. Utilizing the highly successful training system developed by artist Anthony J. Waichulis, the Ani Art Academies Program is designed to promote creative freedom through logic and discipline.’

Classes at the Ani Art Academy in Anguilla started in March 2012. I had the opportunity to talk to the Art Instructor, Timothy Jahn. His passion for creating art and for teaching art was immediately evident. He spoke highly of the apprentices and explained a bit more about the program and what it required to progress and graduate from the program. I definitely tip my hat to all the aspiring artists and wish them great success on this journey.

I took some time to examine each piece of work. Some of the apprentices were still doing ‘art exercises.’ These apprentices did not have actual pictures displayed but they noted that it took time, patience talent and skill to complete the required ‘art exercises.’

I was impressed with the level of work that had already been achieved by the Art apprentices in one short year. A lot of natural talent was on display but the successful result of combining technique to talent was very apparent.

The event was held to raise community awareness and it succeeded in this endeavour. Over 250 locals, visitors, friends and supporters came out to find out more information about the art academy and to give their support to the artists. It was indeed a great evenng at the Ani Art Academy Anguilla.

Talented Artist at Ani Art Academy Anguilla Open House

Talented Artist Emily Garlick at Ani Art Academy Anguilla Open House


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