Festival Del Mar 1I attended Festival Del Mar over the Easter Weekend. This is a festival that I have looked forward to since its inception. So far it has not disappointed and I always have a great time.


Festival Del Mar started in 2008. It is held in Island Harbour. Festival Del Mar was a creation of the Anguilla Tourist Board through its Festival Coordinator at the time Fitzroy Tomlinson and an organizing committee under the chairmanship of Othlyn Vanterpool. In an interview in 2008, the festival coordinator said ‘the festival is simple, it is cultural, on the beach and it is community based.’

Festival Del Mar 2013

Since 2008, the festival has continued to grow and its appeal to all sections of the public and visitors has increased. The number and variety of vendors continue to escalate as well as the diversity of activities over the two day event.


Activities you can participate in or enjoy as a an observer include Kiddies Fishing, Model boat racing, Sunfish competition, Swimming youth race, Adult Swimming Relay (Scilly Cay and Back), Culinary Competition, A class boat race (Elliot Webster Memorial Race), Deep Sea Fishing and Bottom Fishing.

Other fun activities include crab racing, art and souvenir browsing, people watching and socializing. At the festival, don’t be surprised to see people you haven’t seen since the last festival or persons visiting from overseas. It is always nice to meet new people too and interact with tourists and locals alike.


There are just so much seafood options to choose from. You can go really traditional and simple and have grilled lobster or crayfish or fry fish or you can try something which is not easily available throughout the year.

I attended the Festival both days and I had dishes ranging from crayfish to conch soup and fritters. I even took take a way so I was still eating Jacks and johny cakes on the Monday following the festival – Yummy.


Anguillian talent is on display at the festival. You won’t hear much international music at this festival but instead come and enjoy our local string bands, our local calysonians and our local pop artists. The Anguillian dialect, laughter and ‘lyrics’ will also sound like music to your ears.

Well I had a great time at Festival Del Mar and I am certainly looking forward to next year. I’m sorry that I don’t have pictures of all the delicious food as I was too busy eating and I forgot. If you weren’t at the festival, you dont want to miss it next year! See you then.

Festiva Del Mar - Grill

There are other great festivals throughout the year in Anguilla. The South Valley Street Fair is held prior to Carnival and the Welches Village Fest is held on Whit Monday. The South Hill Community Fair was started in 2013 and I look forward to attending again in 2014.

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Have a great day!