As September snuggles firmly in and the “winter” months loom closer, I resignedly accept that summer 2013 has come and gone. In its wake is a trail of great memories (and photos – Thanks Coco!) filled  with lazy beach days, starry summer nights, good friends and tons of laughter.

In no particular order, here are the top four (4) highlights of My Anguillian Summer!

1. “They call me the Queen of Bacchanal!” – Destra Live at East Fest

As I type this blog I am listening to “Call my name”, one of my favourite tunes by Destra.  As I sing along, I momentarily relive one of my best memories from summer 2013 – Destra Live at East Fest! While this was not my first time seeing Destra live, it certainly was just as exciting, if not more, the second time around. Destra certainly did not disappoint, giving fans a great stage performance with all the energy, vibrance and nonstop ‘wukkin’  she is known for,  with crowd favourites such as ‘Fly’, ‘I Dare You’, ‘Its Carnival’ and ‘Bachannal’’. Even the rain could not stop the festivities, as we “jumped, waved and whined” blissfully following the directions of our Soca Leader. Honestly, normally I would have been one of the persons running for shelter from the rain. However, there is just something about Destra’s  stunning voice, endless energy and commitment to her fans, that encourages one to just throw caution  to the wind and have ‘dancing in the rain kind-of” fun ! So, here’s to Destra, proving to me once again that she truly is the “Queen of Bacchanal!”

PhotoGrid_Anguilla Summer  Festival-Destra

PhotoGrid – Anguilla Summer Festival – Destra


2. “I should buy a boat” – August Monday Boat ride

Anguilla’s August Monday Beach Party is known as one of the biggest beach parties in the Caribbean. While I had heard many great things about the Beach Party/Boat Race, I had never experienced it in its entirety, usually preferring to attend the festivities later on in the evening. This year, however, my friends decided to charter a boat for the day, which meant heading out in the midday scorching heat. It is always amazing to see Sandy Ground Beach transform from a quiet, curved stretch of white sand to a buzzing hub of food stalls, boats, music and scantily clad people. Floppy in hand and twenty one friends in tow, we set sail. The day was spent following the boat race with stops at Little Bay and Sandy Island. There is something especially calming, freeing and cooling (what a heat!) about being out on open waters with the wind blowing in your face. It was so much fun that I have drawn the conclusion that “I should definitely buy a boat!”

August Monday Boat ride in Anguilla

August Monday Boat Ride in Anguilla


3. ” Don’t Tek It Personal!” – Anguilla Summer Festival/Carnival 2013

Although Carnival 2013 saw its fair share of hiccups, the overall experience, personally, was a pleasant one. One aspect of the carnival season which I truly enjoyed was the music. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a deep appreciation for the Calypso art form. I love the way Calypsonians aptly deliver social commentary through their songs, touching on a range of topics from world issues to local political views. The reigning monarch, Ranger, in relation to reparation, questioned “When will we be paid?” while Queen Bee promoted female empowerment with “No woman in Government. No woman to represent”. Some of my personal favourites were “Shango Man” by Eye-Spy and “Tie Handed Government” by FreshCold. Not to be outdone, on the band front Exodus HD (2013 Roadmarch Champions) provided the catch phrase for the season with the ever popular “Don’t Tek It Personal!” A mantra to live by!


4. Re-connecting with Good Friends/Meeting New People

One of the things I love most about summer is that it is a chance to not only re-connect with old friends but also to make new ones. Throwing Drake’s “No New Friends” mantra out the window (haha), I embrace the opportunity to meet, converse and connect with new people. For me, all friends are welcome, old or new! Summer also provides the perfect opportunity to re-connect with old friends who may be returning from school, living abroad and home on holiday or simply so swamped with work/life that you don’t get a chance to see them on regular basis. For my group of friends, summer 2013 was like the backdrop for a mini reunion complete with a two week schedule of activities and all (lol)! Good times were reminisced, new memories were created (with old and new friends) and tears were shed…from laughter! Without a doubt, My Anguillian Summer was, as always, an experience to treasure!

Photo Grid from Sherise's Anguillian Summer

Photo Grid from Sherise’s Anguillian Summer

Summer 2014 awaits!

What were some of the highlights of your Summer in Anguilla?

Written by Sherise Brooks, guest writer for