Sol St. Lucia Ltd- Anguilla (part of The Sol/Parkland Group) is a petroleum distribution and supply storage company. A complementary aspect of the business is a retail supply partnership with Lakes Service Station and West End Service Station. Sol provides gasoline, ultra-low Sulphur diesel, LPG (100% Propane or cooking gas) and lubricant oils to consumers in Anguilla. The Country Manager for this business is Mr. Dexter Ward.

Choose Sol for Affordable Cooking Gas for Your Home

Over the last few years, Sol has consistently offered value to its customers by providing refills of 100lbs cylinders of cooking gas for the low price of $80 USD with delivery included. 

Pictured above: 100lbs cylinders of cooking gas are only $75 with delivery included

For customers who need a smaller cylinder of home gas, 20lbs cylinders are available for $20.

Choose Sol because it Maintains and Provides a Standard of Safety and Expertise

A company committed to safety, Sol noticed that many persons would transport cylinders unsafely. This led management to make a decision to provide free pick up and delivery of 100lbs cylinders. As such, Sol has prioritized safety for all its customers by offering a free delivery service. Once an order is placed, Sol will guarantee a speedy, convenient, and safe delivery. 

In a further commitment to safety, Sol encourages customers who are in possession of old branded Shell cylinders that are damaged or deteriorating to return them to the Sol Station at Corito. Sol will replace these old tanks with a new Sol tank free of charge, with the hope that the cylinders are refilled at their location. It is recommended that tanks/cylinders are recommissioned every 10 years for safety purposes. 

Sol also recognizes that sometimes people may have questions or concerns about their gas or its installation. Therefore, with safety top of mind, Sol encourages any person to call Sol for advice which they will willingly provide free of charge. 

Staff at Sol

Choose Sol for Peace of Mind for your Business

For bulk tanks used by restaurants and larger businesses, a monitoring device is available from Sol Petroleum, free of charge. 

This monitoring device allows Sol and the customer to monitor the movement of gas in the tanks at all times, removing the burden from the customer. Sol personnel will monitor each device and will alert the business when the volume in the tank begins to run low.

Customers then have ample time and opportunity for a refill. This level of customer service gives peace of mind to business customers.

Choose Sol Petroleum Because It Gives Back

The Sol Group is committed to supporting the local communities where they operate through sponsorship and donations.

Sol has provided 100lbs cylinders of gas free of charge for raffles and other events for community groups across the island.

During October 2022, Sol Petroleum was also pleased to give back to the inaugural ACC Inter-Primary School’s Debating Competition as the Platinum Sponsor for the event.

Sol was the Platinum Sponsor for the Inter-Primary School Debating Competition

Another company-wide initiative that Sol is proud of is the Sol/Parkland Pledge. This is an initiative aimed at making a valuable social impact within the community by pledging donations to three different charitable organizations. 

Held each November, the selected charities for 2022 are:

Anguilla Cancer Society – $1,000 USD

Anguilla Diabetes Association – $1,000 USD

Department of Natural Resources – $800.00 USD

Country Manager for Sol Petroleum Anguilla, Mr. Dexter Ward shared,

 “Personally, giving back to those in need has always been top of the mind for me. I am also happy that I work for a company that is willing to invest in the community and social development within Anguilla.”

Sol Gives Back to Anguilla Cancer Society
Anguilla Diabetes Association
Sol Gives Back to the Department of Natural Resources

Sol Petroleum looks forward to continuing to offer its support to the Anguillian community. Sol takes this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year.

Contact Sol Petroleum Today

The opening hours at the Sol facility in Corito are from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. Interested persons can stay connected and updated about Sol St. Lucia Ltd- Anguilla using the contact details below:

Telephone: 1-264-462-2624 Office

Email:        [email protected]