Eat, Drink, Unwind at any of Anguilla’s fabulous restaurants!

Written by Sherise Brooks of My Anguilla Experience

It’s already mid-January which means New Year resolutions have been made and possibly already broken and goals have been set and continue to be pursued. 2014 is definitely in full swing with the promise of new and exciting things to come.

I came across the quote below recently which I believe embodies what I would like 2014 to represent.


So while I work up the nerve to go parasailing and explore other sea and land related adventures, I’m taking the time out to try to make greater connections, whether it’s with persons I already know or persons I have yet to meet. To do this, I actually have to leave my comfy bed, in this amazingly cool weather we’ve been having lately. However, I really do enjoy being “around good energy” and “connecting with people” so I know it’s worth it!

Over the Christmas season, I had a great time reconnecting with old friends who are currently abroad studying. I always tell my friends that if you’re looking for a great place to relax and unwind, have a drink and eat some great pizza/tapas, it doesn’t get any better  than  a restaurant in Anguilla. What I love about casual limes at Anguilla’s restaurants/bars is that staff is always very friendly. It is by no means unusual to strike up random conversations with other patrons and there is hardly ever a queue for the bar or unavailable seating.  I could walk into any one of the places listed below at any given time and be served almost immediately, if not immediately.

Additionally, the backdrop at many of these places is spectacular, whether it’s the powdery white sand and sparkling blue waters of Meads Bay Beach from Blanchards Beach Shack or the stunning view of Crocus Bay from Blue Bar at CeBlue.

View from CeBlue in Anguilla

View from CeBlue in Anguilla

Here’s a list of a few places I particularly enjoyed in 2013 and continue to enjoy in 2014.

Blue Bar at CeBlue

The picturesque view of Crocus Bay coupled with the stunning architecture and design of CeBlue, make Blue Bar the ideal place for me to unwind on the weekends. The Bar boasts an excellent selection of delicious brick oven pizzas, cocktails and spirits. Whether you’re a simple margherita pizza type of person or a seafood lover like me, there is something for everyone.  I am particularly fond of the calamari pizza which combine two of my favourite foods; pizza and calamari! In addition to the great pizza, on Sunday evenings you can also enjoy the melodious crooning of the ever entertaining Boss.

If you’re concerned about the uphill walk from the parking lot to Blue Bar, don’t be! A friendly staff member in a golf cart is just a moment away to take you there. Enjoy the ride! Check out Shelly’s first experience at CeBlue here.

Sherise and friends at CeBlue

Sherise and friends at CeBlue

View of CeBlue, Anguilla

View of CeBlue, Anguilla

Tasty’ s Restaurant

I have always enjoyed going to Tasty’s for dinner as the food is amazing! The Chef, Dale Carty, is very friendly and always ensures that his guests have a great dining experience! Very recently I discovered that the food is not the only tasty thing on the menu, so are the cocktails! A mojito is without a doubt my #1 cocktail of choice, and the passion fruit mojito at Tasty’s is, in my opinion, unrivaled.  To complement their cocktails, Tasty’s also offers an array of affordable and appetizing tapas. Be sure to try the Conch fritters, they are delicious! If you are on Anguilla for a Taste of Anguilla event at Tasty’s do check it out!

Mango Mojito at Tasty's Restaurant, Anguilla

Mango Mojito at Tasty’s Restaurant, Anguilla

Sherise and Friends at Tasty's, Anguilla

Sherise and Friends at Tasty’s, Anguilla

 da’Vida Bayside Grill

da’Vida Bayside Grill has established itself as the place to be on Sunday afternoons. Customers are treated to live entertainment by Omari Banks and his band Eleven, great food and drinks and spectacular views of both Crocus Bay Beach and CeBlue Villas. I love the open air design of the Bayside Grill, as you get the peaceful feeling of being at the beach, even when you’re not at a table on the sand.  The reggae music provided by Omari and his band Eleven adds an upbeat and enchanting mood to the atmosphere. One of my favourite afternoon pastimes, casual Sunday at the da’vida Bayside is the perfect way to relax and recharge before the hustle and bustle of the new week ahead begins.

Omari Banks at Da'Vida Restaurant

Omari Banks at da’Vida Restaurant

Sherise at davida's restaurant, Anguilla

Sherise at da’Vida Restaurant, Anguilla

Fun times at Da'Vida Restaurant, Anguilla

Fun times at da’Vida Restaurant, Anguilla

Blanchards Beach Shack

No tourist day would be complete, without a final stop at Blanchards Beach Shack for frozen drinks! Another great afternoon lime, the Beach Shack is also ideal for family outings. The menu has an excellent mix of sweet and savoury foods, with kid friendly staples like hamburgers and fries. My little cousins adore the Beach Shack with its casual, colourful and kid friendly atmosphere. They also enjoy, to my chagrin, attempting to climb the trees, which they obviously believe are there for their own entertainment.

Menu at Blanchard's Beach Shack, Anguilla

Menu at Blanchards Beach Shack, Anguilla

Drinks at Blanchards Beach Shack, Anguilla

Drinks at Blanchards Beach Shack, Anguilla

Tropical Treats Fun House

Although not a bar/restaurant, this list would not be complete without Tropical Treats Fun House. Living up to its name, the Fun House is enjoyable for both kids and adults alike. In addition to the yummy tropical treats homemade ice cream, there are many other tasty choices such as hotdogs, milkshakes, cake pops and cookies. I love the chocolate chip cookies and I am very excited to learn that brownies are also now available! For me, the Fun House is a great spot to unwind and connect with friends after a long day of work and indulge in some sweet treats! You can read a full interview with the dynamic owner of Tropical Treats – Mr. Kyle Hodge here.

Interior Tropical Treats Fun House

Interior Tropical Treats Fun House


Sherise at Tropical Treats, Anguilla

Sherise at Tropical Treats Fun House, Anguilla

So that’s my list. Share with us some of your favourite spots in Anguilla to relax, unwind and connect with people.

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Written by Sherise Brooks of My Anguilla Experience