turned one (1) on February 8th 2014. Thanks to all who have been taking this journey with us as we share our various experiences in Anguilla.  We are truly having a great time producing this blog and we hope you have as much fun reading it. In year two (2), we hope to bring you even more stories and experiences as we continue to explore everything that Anguilla has to offer.

In the week leading up to our Blog Birthday, we had a raffle for all the new likes and shares on our Facebook page. The winners were Gregory A Permuy and Janine Benjamin Webster. Both winners will select small businesses or entrepreneurs who will be featured on We invite you to “Like” us on Facebook (My Anguilla Experience) for daily pictures, videos and information about Anguilla.

Happy New Year from My Anguilla Experience

My Anguilla Experience Celebrates One Year!

In life we must celebrate both small and big wins. Sherise and I decided to go to Tasty’s to celebrate the blog birthday of My Anguilla Experience. Nash couldn’t make it as he was on the park all day as an organizer and coach for the Diamonds Athletics Sports Club track meet. He was definitely missed. Nash is an invaluable part of the team. He shoots and edits all our videos, takes most of our pictures and he has even demonstrated his writing skills on the blog.

If you have been following our blog, you know I love conch. Sherise and I both had the conch creole with regular and sweet potato fries. Our meal was delicious as always. We were totally stuffed after eating. I took the whole Snapper home for the hubby.

Sherise and I at Tasty's Restaurant for My Anguilla Experience's Blog Birthday

Sherise and I at Tasty’s Restaurant for My Anguilla Experience’s Blog Birthday

Conch Creole at Tasty's Restaurant - Guilty of starting to eat :)

Conch Creole at Tasty’s Restaurant – Guilty of starting to eat 🙂


Dale, the owner and chef of Tasty’s restaurant, stopped by to ensure we enjoyed our meal. Thanks for the drinks Dale! We were happy to share this milestone in My Anguilla Experience with Tasty’s restaurant, a long time favourite of ours.

Dale and I at Tasty's restaurant for My Anguilla Experience's Blog Birthday

Dale and I at Tasty’s restaurant for My Anguilla Experience’s Blog Birthday

Straw Hat Restaurant

It isn’t all about My Anguilla Experience though!  Some other great things have been happening in Anguilla. Straw Hat, which is another dining favorite, received 3 major accolades in one month. In December Straw Hat was named as one of “the Caribbean’s top 10 restaurants” by Fodor’s the world’s largest publisher of English language travel and tourism information; Straw Hat and Meads Bay were named as one of the “Best Places to Travel in 2014” by Travel + Leisure Magazine a monthly travel magazine with a readership of  4.8 million readers and also as one of the “50 Best Caribbean Restaurants – 2013” by the Caribbean Journal – the Caribbean’s leading digital newspaper.  Congratulations Straw Hat! Sherise, Nash and I always have a rocking time when we visit.

Straw Hat Chef Nick Delinger and members of Team

Straw Hat Chef Nick Delinger and members of Team

Kemarley of Anguilla

I was also happy to attend the launch of a new book called Kemarley of Anguilla. It was written and illustrated by the actress Annie Potts and the impetus behind the book is such a great story. It is a story of serendipity, relationships and a desire to do more and contribute to a worthy cause. The story and pictures in the book show Kemarley, a young Anguillian boy who communicates differently enjoying different activities in Anguilla. All proceeds go to the Arijah Children’s Foundation and will benefit Anguilla’s children with special needs. Be sure to get your copy of ‘Kemarley of Anguilla’ in an e-book or a hard copy version. Support this great cause.

Kemarley of Anguilla

aKemarley of Anguilla

Omari Banks

Others in Anguilla are also celebrating. Omari Banks will launch his video Jehovah’s message on Saturday 15th February at 8pm at Davida’s restaurant. Do check it out! Omari has also won Artist of the year from the Sunshine Theatre Company. Congrats Omari!

Anguilla Choice Awards

Have you heard of the Axa Choice Awards? It recognises various businesses in Anguilla who locals and visitors love. You can visit their website and vote for your favourite Anguilla businesses at www.

Thanks again from all of us at My Anguilla Experience for your support in Year 1. Do share our blog, Facebook and YouTube videos with others. Have a great day!