Turtle Dove eggsThe Zenaida Aurita most commonly referred to as the Turtle Dove is our national bird. This bird is easily spotted around the island. Recently, one of these birds decided to make their nest in one of my flower pots. She laid two eggs which from my research appears to be the standard number of eggs laid at one time.

For the first two days I couldn’t understand why every time I started climbing the stairs to my porch a turtle dove would fly right pass me startling me each time. On the third day I noted that it came from the flower pot and that is when I discovered the egg which later became two eggs. My heart melted and I decided maybe the turtle dove and I could coexist.

All was going well until one day the turtle dove got confused and was just flying from side to side on the porch and I was trapped in the middle. I ran down the stairs and to the other end of the yard since I was scared it would fly into me. Nash who was observing couldn’t stop laughing. The turtle dove then flew between the bannisters and appeared to be stuck. Apparently, Nash says that turtle doves will always provide a distraction to protect their eggs so I didn’t know if this was an elaborate ploy by the turtle dove. Apparently it was. Fortunately, I made it indoors safely.

Despite this setback, the turtle dove and I have still been able to co-exist. He has not displayed any erratic behavior since this day but I am still rather cautious around her. I would encourage all Anguillians to continue to protect our national bird and their eggs. I hope I am around to witness the little baby birds hatching. That would be so cool. Don’t you agree?