DThe Department of Youth and Culture is proud to support several local festivals throughout the year. Look out for two of these upcoming festivals and be sure to participate and support the organisers and vendors. Both events are fun for the entire family.

8th Annual Champ’s Kite Fest

The North Valley Cultural Fest Committee in collaboration with the Department of Youth and Culture presents the 8th annual Champ’s Kite Fest under the theme “Tales of the Tails.” This exciting event will be held on Monday, April 22n, 2019 11am until the last kite drops on the grounds of the Valley Primary School. There will be prizes, competitions, music, food and kites to fly.

I attended this festival with Xavi and we had a blast making a kite and then trying to fly it. I love that this festival is bringing back the art of kite-making in such a fun and inclusive way.

8th Annual Champ’s Kite Fest

Festival Del Mar

This year Festival Del Mar turns 12. This festival has grown tremendously over the years and is an event that should not be missed. It will be held on April 19th and 20th, 2019 on the beach in Island Harbour.  Come out and celebrate all things of the sea!

What makes this festival so special?

Well firstly, of course the seafood. For seafood lovers it is a foodie’s paradise. Some of my personal favourites are conch soup, crayfish, stuffed shellfish and jacks.  This festival is so much more than food though.  Over the two days you can observe or participate in the deep-sea fishing tournament, model boat and sunfish races, culinary competitions, crab races, Festival Del Mar B class Boat Race, musical acts from local and regional performers, Elliot Webster Memorial Class A Boat Race, swimming races and much more.

Check out this video of the event or some of blogs from past Festival Del Mar events over the years here and here.

Festival Del Mar 2019

Thanks to the Department of Youth and Culture and other sponsors for continuing to ensure these awesome festivals continue to grow. For more information about the Department of Youth and Culture (DYC), please email [email protected].

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