Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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If you’ve ever had trouble finding the right gift for that someone special, know that you are not alone. In this Cupid season, don’t worry, My Anguilla Experience has you covered! We have partnered with five (5) creative entrepreneurs/ small businesses to bring you awesome, locally made gift options for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Whether you’re looking for something special for a partner, friend, kids, parents or yourself, these gifts are perfect to celebrate any occasion.

As the effects of Covid 19 continue to impact our economy, it is more important now than ever to support our local entrepreneurs and businesses. Buying local helps to stimulate the economy and promote economic growth. It is also eco friendly and aids in creating jobs and building communities.

Locally made gifts are unique, often made with natural, healthy ingredients and offer great value.

Be sure to shop local this Valentine’s Day! You can start by checking out these five (5) amazing local businesses below:

Love and Sprinkles Baked Goods

Love and Sprinkles Baked Goods came to life in October 2020.   Avonelle’s passion for cooking, baking and creativity inspired this business.   This was her vision for quite a while and in 2020 she realised that the time was right to pursue her dream.

Love and Sprinkles Baked Goods specialises in healthy, savoury, sweet, fun treats. All goods are made from scratch, baked fresh and simply delicious. There is something for everyone. Choose from a wide variety of these locally made Anguillian treats to satisfy your sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day.

On offer are mini loafs, gourmet cupcakes, breakfast muffins, cookies, pies, scones, brownies & bars, doughnuts, pizza, cheesecakes, small cakes and coffee cakes. All treats come in a variety of flavours.  This local business caters to your every need. If it’s not on the menu, please feel free to ask.

Products are currently sold at JW Proctors Supermarket.  Orders can also be placed directly to:

Phone/WhatsApp:1-264 -235-3364                                             

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: @Loveandsprinklesaxa                                            

Instagram: @loveandsprinklesaxa

Let Love and Sprinkles make your life’s sweet moments even sweeter!

Sia Natural Beauty

Anesia Powell is the creative behind Sia Natural Beauty. Sia Natural Beauty is a skincare movement that offers a melodic blend of naturally and organically derived, chemical free and cruelty free skincare products handmade with Caribbean inspired/influenced ingredients.

Sia Natural Beauty

At Sia, valuing the customer’s needs is priority. The business strives to establish a delightful experience for its valuable customers by carefully ensuring the quality and freshness of its products.

Body Butters are the first product released by this local small business. Sia’s body butters contain antioxidants with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-aging properties promoting glowing and youthful skin. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, the body butters help to nourish, soften, soothe, heal, and moisturize your skin.

Body butter is the perfect local gift for him or her this Valentine’s day.

Phone/WhatsApp: 583-9236 

Email[email protected] 

Facebook: Sia Natural Beauty 


Anguilla Sands and Salts

Anguilla Sands and Salts offers unique keepsakes made “on” and “from” the island of Anguilla such as jewelry, scrubs and bath salts. 

The made-to-order designs dare you to dream higher than the sky and deeper than the oceans. Customise your own pendant, key chain, hand chain, coaster or ashtray to satisfy your senses or style. 

Anguilla Sands and Salts

With the sea salt harvested from Anguilla’s surrounding waters, the infused sea salt will have your taste buds bursting with flavor. 

With Anguilla Sands and Salts, you can ‘Own A Piece of Anguilla’.

Choose a gift from this local small business for your special Valentine.

Phone/WhatsApp: 582-9211

Facebook: Anguilla Sands and Salts 

Instagram: anguillasandsandsalts 


Sugar Free Treats

Sugar Free Treats provides unique and healthy alternatives to your favourite desserts that will satisfy your cravings without the guilt and weight gain. The goal is to provide food that not only tastes delicious but looks marvelous. The choice of ingredients comes from extensive online research to create recipes that are low in carbohydrates and nutritious too.

Sugar Free Treats

Gift guilt free treats from Sugar Free Treats this Valentine’s day.

Email: [email protected] 

WhatsApp: + 1 (264) 582 1976

Instagram: sugarfreetreatsai

Facebook: Sugar Free Treats

Cari Bella

Christobel Daniel is the face behind Cari Bella bath and body products. Christobel’s journey began when she detoxed her skincare routine and realised that the best way to know what was in her products was to make them herself.

At Cari Bella, the mission is to formulate, create and provide healthy, natural skin and hair care alternatives and wellness products to improve your skin and enhance holistic health.

The products are handmade and created in small batches using a combination of premium oils  and butters, fruit and botanical extracts and essential oils. The products are natural and contain no harmful chemicals.

Cari Bella -Handmade Bath and Body Products

Products sold include body scrubs, body oils, hair products, facial scrubs and a wide range of other products for both men and women.

Find the ideal gift for your Valentine at Cari Bella!

Phone: 264-729-9278

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Cari Bella Skincare

Instagram: Cari Bella Skincare

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day everyone!

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