A Beach Wedding in Anguilla

Sometime last year, my friends and I were having lunch at Blanchards Beach Shack. We were having loads of laughter and fun when we noticed that something was happening on the beach. We saw some persons erecting an arch made of flowers and setting up chairs. Shortly after, guests, a minister and a photographer arrived. It dawned on us that someone was getting married – a beach wedding was about to happen!

Being a naturally curious bunch, we decided to stick around and inched closer to where the ceremony would be happening but not too close that we were impeding in any way on what was happening or so that we could possibly ruin the beautiful couple’s photos.

We weren’t sure where the bride would emerge from and as it turns out she came through a path by the restaurant and passed right beside us. She had a small train and was followed by her Maid of Honour. As she passed, my heart skipped a beat when I heard her dress rip. Her Maid of Honour accidently stepped on it. Oh noooo I thought…how will she react? The beautiful bride paused with her father giver and looked back on her dress. The maid of honour apologized and said the dress was fine and it really was for the most part although if you were paying attention the rip was noticeable.

What struck me most was that the beaming bride never stopped beaming!!! Her attitude in spite of this snafu remained one of happiness as she shrugged her shoulders and continued walking towards her prince charming. We stayed for a few minutes longer to witness the couple’s special moments at their beach wedding

The lesson that I took from this was to just enjoy your special day or moment. Mistakes happen, things sometimes don’t go as planned and God forbid but it could RAIN! I am looking forward to my day and hope like this bride I can maintain a positive attitude come what may as I join hands and my life with my Prince Charming.

We were all so excited on the Monday when one of our friends found a short write up in the New York Times of the couple whose marriage we witnessed. All of a sudden we knew their names and background and in my mind we attended their beach wedding (I know my friends are cracking up now). Cheers to this couple and your uninvited guests take this time to wish you much success and future happiness. We do hope you come back soon. These beach chairs could be your!


What went ‘wrong’ on your wedding day or what are you afraid will go ‘wrong’ on your wedding day? I look forward to hearing from you.