Hi everyone!

Do you know the saying ‘you will laugh about this one day?’ Well Thursday night, with only one day to go before the wedding, something happened which made me want to scream or cry but certainly not laugh at that moment. It was definitely a crazy experience.


Davina, Hanna and I had just dropped my uncle at the house after a quick wedding rehearsal. We were heading to the reception location (Pedro’s) where we would be joined by other family and friends to decorate.


We were driving along laughing, talking and generally having a great time when we hear someone blowing their horn behind us. There were many cars on the road so unaware of any problems we continued to drive and we turned off at Pedro’s and parked the car. Lo and behold someone else turned off behind us, parked their car to ‘block the road’ shined their car lights at us, honked the horn incessantly for a while and then got out and just stood there in the dark.


If you know where Pedro’s is, you know it will be dark at night. I could see Pedro moving inside but he was unaware of what was going on. I got out the car even though my friends were already scared and didn’t want me to. Quite bravely or stupidly depending on your point of view, I was about to head to the other vehicle to find out what was going on.


Fortunately, my fiancé drove in at the same time. My friends and I were so relieved. Nash then went to the other vehicle to find out what happened and why he was acting this way.


To make a long story short, the man in the car insisted that we had hit his car on the road and that we were trying to get away. He said many colourful things which I won’t repeat here but I certainly was incensed since I knew we had done no such thing.


My family and friends arrived soon after and  some shouting and incredulous expressions and statements were shared between the parties. The police came and determined that perhaps the man did get hit but it was not by me and the man after more grumbling drove off.


I am already laughing while I write this but I certainly wasn’t laughing then. The good news is that my family, friends and I are all positive people so we didn’t allow that episode to put a damper on the occasion for any longer than necessary. That night, we cut and boxed cake and had a great time as we came up with ideas for table and wall décor.


As, I said before, attitude is everything when planning a wedding. Stay positive and even ‘crazy antics and situations’ such as this one won’t throw you off balance.