The Inter-Primary School Calypso Competition was held on Saturday 25th May 2019. The event was organized by the Platinum Band, The Anguilla National Calypso Association and the Department of Youth and Culture. Seven students representing the various primary schools participated in this much anticipated competition and made their debut in the calypso arena. The students sang on the theme ‘Stand together, Stop Bullying forever.’ The concert was well-supported by the Public. It was heartening to see attendees singing along to the catchy but meaningful lyrics of the original calypsos.

Photo credit – Rebecca Webster

The Winners

1st -The Educator, Ethan Connor representing Alwyn Alison Richardson Primary School emerged the winner with his popular song, Stomp Out Bullying!

2nd – Lady Fireball of Valley Primary School captured second place with her song entitled Bullying must Stop.

3rd– Miss Limitless of Omololu International School and Lil Raj of Orealia Kelly Primary School tied for third place.

Stand Together, Stop the Bullying – May this always be our rallying crying as we seek to create schools where all students feel safe and loved.

The Contenders

Contender #1- Anna “Miss Limitless” Lynch of Omololu International School

Contender #2- Alannis “Lady Fireball” Hodge of Valley Primary School

Contender #3- Rajon “Lil Raj” Thompson of Orealia Kelly Primary School

Contender #4- Keronique “Singing Kero” Harrigan of Vivien Vanterpool Primary School

Contender #5- Arvin “The Mighty Defender” Narine of Morris Vanterpool Primary School

Contender #6- Keronique “The Songbird” Harrigan of Adrian T. Hazell Primary School

Contender #7- Ethan “The Educator” Connor of Alwyn Alison Richardson Primary School

The Talented Youngsters

Lady Fireball – Valley Primary School

Alannis is currently a Grade 5 student who indeed lives up to the school’s motto to “Aim for Excellence”. She is a continuous honour roll student who enjoys doing Math, and is also an outstanding athlete, especially in Football, Netball and Cycling. She is also the current President of her school’s Student Council.

Alannis is no stranger to the stage as she performs with Klassique Academy of Dance and in 2017 she placed 2nd Runner-up in the Miss Tiny Tott Pageant. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the guitar and singing. Alannis has made numerous musical appearances and did her first recording at just 5 years old! She is also a member of St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Junior Choir.

Alannis chose the name “Lady Fireball” because she has decided that she is going to bring all the heat to the stage. She is a true Golden Horse – diligent and persistent! This Golden Horse promises to make the show an exciting one!

Lil Raj – Orealia Kelly Primary School

Rajon.L. Thompson is presently a Grade Five student at the Orealia Kelly Primary School- home of the Pink Panthers. His hobbies include swimming, singing, bike riding, playing football and socialising.

Songbird – Adrian T Hazell Primary School

With an outgoing spirit and a very vibrant and bubbly personality, proudly representing the Adrian T Hazell Primary School in this year’s Inter-Primary School Calypso Competition is 11-year-old, Keronique ‘SongBird’ Harrigan.

Keronique has a passion for performing and loves singing, dancing and playing the piano. When she’s not performing in some form, she can be found curled up with a book as she loves to read.

An advocate for anti-bullying, Keronique believes that we should all be buddies NOT bullies.

The Mighty Defender – Morris Vanterpool Primary School

Arvin Narine – The Mighty Defender is presently a student of Grade 3 at the Morris Vanterpool Primary School, home of the Red Dragons. He is also a very active member of the Sparrows team at his school.

Arvin loves school and enjoys writing stories and is always thrilled about learning new concepts in Social- Studies, Language, and Science. He loves to carry out experiments and investigate things around his environment. He also plays the piano and listens to music during his spare time.

His hobbies are running, playing freeze tag with his friends at school, painting and drawing pictures as he loves to create things, bike riding with his family and participating in cycle races.

Arvin has a special love for animals and does not like to see them being ill-treated in anyway and as a result he has adopted three cats to take care of. He ensures that they are fed and happy and that no harm comes to them.

The Mighty Defender thinks that bullying is bad and should not be happening in our schools as schools should be a safe and friendly learning environment for all students and teachers.

Miss Limitless – Omololu International School

12-year-old Anna is originally from Massachusetts. She moved to Anguilla six years ago. Miss Limitless is a Grade 6 student at the Omololu International School (OIS). Anna is a young entrepreneur, operating Bayside Beads and Soaps as an avenue to raise money for her favorite charity: The Blossom Center. Anna is a student of the 16-mile school of music where she is learning to play the guitar. She is also a member of STAGES ANGUILLA Theatre Arts Company and has performed in three of their major productions. Anna’s love of Anguilla’s cultural activities combined with her love for music is what draws her to the Inter-Primary School Calypso Competition.

The Educator – Alwyn Alison Richardson Primary School

A proud student of AARPS, 10-year-old Ethan Connor is a very enthusiastic and charismatic individual who enjoys listening to music, singing, and drawing taking part in sports among many others. The Educator is very passionate about positive learning and is eager about making himself useful. He is a very loving and caring individual who values godly principles.

Ethan works diligently and hard to achieve good grades. It is his hope and dream that all people young and old can come together as one to support and build up each other positively.

Singing Kero – Vivien Vanterpool Primary School

No individual is exactly the same, each with his or her own unique patterns and traits. Meet Singing Kero better known as Keronique Harrigan, an impulsive and high spirited grade four student at the Vivien Vanterpool Primary School.

She is very involved in the life of her school. She is a member of the School’s Choir, EarlyAct club, Anti-bullying Club, and the Student Council. In addition, Singing Kero has a persistent, goal-directed behaviour with a diversity of interests and abilities. Her favourite subjects are Mathematics and Science. She says she loves Math because it challenges her to exercise her problem solving skills. She takes her education seriously and has her eyes set on her goals.

In her spare time, she enjoys singing her favourite songs, travelling, reading and spending time with family and friends. Keronique has a great sense of humour and is loved by all her classmates. She also displays boundless enthusiasm and loves to challenge herself hence the reason she decided to commit to taking part in this year’s Inter-Primary School Calypso Competition. Keronique’s favourite quote is “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” She says that she is proud to help bring awareness of bullying to the public through the art of calypso.

The Mentors

Each student had an experienced calypsonian as a mentor/coach who taught them the tips and tricks of good calypso. Kudos to the mentors.

Photo credit – Rebecca Webster

The Inter-Primary Calypso Competition is a great way to foster love for calypso among young people and keep this aspect of our culture alive.

Job well done to the students, parents, organizers, mentors, writers, musicians, teachers and all others who made this event possible.


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