Planning a Wedding in Anguilla – Part 2

Hi everyone! Tick-Tock – The clock is ticking…so much to do and so little time! The joys of planning a wedding in Anguilla.

I completely understand the reason for wedding planners and I tip my hat to each one for the fantastic job they do. Anguilla has a number of wedding planners who can make your day unbelievably beautiful and stress free. I don’t have a planner but I am being assisted with the planning of my wedding by some of my friends. They have been great and very patient with me. Thanks guys!


Even though I am not using a planner, I am of course using different vendors to provide items for various aspects of Anguilla wedding. Black Orchid Florists for example will be providing the floral arrangements for the church and all my bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. I am using Eva’s AwesomeTreats (E.A.T) for my wedding cake. Both have provided me with great service and perks!



Wedding planners, stores and event companies in Anguilla can provide you with just about anything you need for your big day. This includes tents, chairs, tables, candles, lanterns, flowers, aisle runners and much more. I also learned a few weeks ago that they can even provide fake big wedding cakes!  If you can buy or rent local items for your wedding, I certainly encourage you to!

I am  planning a wedding in Anguilla. I am going to be using a beach theme for my wedding and I know the end product will be beautiful. If you read my other blog which is, you would know how I feel about the relaxing and nurturing qualities of our spectacular beaches. It is therefore no surprise that I decided to incorporate beach elements into my Anguilla wedding.

So What about you? What items did you incorporate into your day to make it special? Tell me about your décor for your past or future wedding. I look forward to hearing from you.