I remember grocery shopping with my mom at J.W. Proctors supermarket when I was little. It was a much smaller supermarket back then, but shopping always felt like an exciting event. Most likely because I knew I would get a treat or two. I would examine all the candy and junk food before making my choice. I used to love cheese balls, gummy worms and bubblicious bubble gum.

While shopping, I would patiently wait through all the random conversations my mom had because we all know grocery shopping is a social activity in Anguilla.

I loved walking up and down the aisles looking at everything on the shelves at the store and helping my mom to find everything on the grocery list. 

I was a little nostalgic when the old store closed but I was totally blown away by the new one. 

J.W. Proctors Today

The new supermarket which first opened in December 2005 is a large and modern. It is a customer friendly supermarket which provides customers with a wide selection of reasonably priced goods including fresh meats, chilled and frozen products, local and Caribbean produce, household items and an impressive array of dry goods. There is also a Deli that is well known for its delicious rotisserie chicken, fruit and chicken salads, cakes, meats and cheeses, sandwiches, hot lunches and more. J.W. Proctors takes the hassle out of shopping.

My Top Reasons to Shop at J.W. Proctors

Here are my top reasons for shopping at J.W. Proctors.

  1. It has a wide variety of products, and they are high quality and affordable.
  2. It is clean and organized. Clear signage on every aisle and prices on the products. It takes the hassle out of shopping.
  3. I can get great food from the deli for both breakfast and lunch and a rotisserie chicken for dinner. 
  4. The aisles are wide enough (and clear) that the store doesn’t feel crowded or congested.
  5. I can always count on having a pleasant customer service experience. I love seeing the familiar faces of long – time staff every time I visit.
J.W. Proctors, Anguilla

History of J.W. Proctors

The supermarket was opened in the 1950s by the late John Proctor in The Quarter shortly after he returned to Anguilla from Aruba where he worked in the oil refinery business. The old shop, which was a highly successful venture in the community, provided financial support for Mr. Proctor and his wife and their nine children. Expansions were made to the business in 1987 and 1996. The original structure which was 4050 sq. ft. was demolished to make way for the new 13,000 sq. ft. supermarket.  The Supermarket remains family owned and managed.


J.W. Proctors is located in the Quarter, Anguilla. Contact the supermarket at 497-2466.

What customers say:

“I love that they check the dates on the item.Prices are correct. Spacious aisles. Wide variety of locally produced goods. There’s someone who can help/easy to identify the employees.” – Quincia Gumbs Marie

“I love that they wear uniforms, so it is easy to identify a worker to get assistance and they are always friendly. Also, products are clearly priced. No guessing.”– Keri Rogers

“Great product lines and lots of products that originate in Countries with the highest levels of food production standards.” – Imani Nia

“It’s always the local produce for me, I get all my fruits and veggies from there…Not forgetting the friendly faces at the counters!”☺️-Christine Webster

“I enjoy their great selection of vegan, vegetarian and overall healthy and good quality products. The store is cool, and you feel comfortable while shopping. It has become one of my go-to supermarkets for home shopping” – Natalie Gumbs

“When I’m looking for that one item, I can’t seem to find they are always so helpful in trying to track it down even if it means going in the back and searching!” – Karyl Drew

“Proctors is tops for produce, good service, and a wide variety of well-priced items. Love the staff.” -Mary Ann Jarvis

“All stores in Anguilla are amazing but I love Proctors because everyone in the store is eager to help. When I do grocery shopping, it’s usually an entire cart so it really takes a lot of stress off when the cashier helps bag the items … so many other times I end up with anxiety because there is someone waiting behind me and I must bag all items by myself…. This helps tremendously with making my shopping easier and less stressful ❤️❤️” – Mindie Price

“There’s always a staff member on the floor if you need assistance and willing to help. Speaks volumes!” – Phaedre Delaney

The supermarket is well loved by the Anguillian General Public. Follow J.W. Proctors on Facebook here.

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