DYC turns 10

I am thrilled that 10 years ago a decision was made to establish a separate department for Youth and Culture. I am old enough to remember when the Department started and the first Director – Yikes! Can you name the first Director? I have also been privileged to benefit tremendously from this Department particularly in the area of Youth Development. I still feel so connected to this Department and it has been gratifying to see how it has grown in leaps and bounds and to witness the awesome work the small but tallawah staff does in the community. Congratulations on turning 10 DYC!

At the press launch for the 10th anniversary celebrations on january 31, DYC unveiled the enhanced DYC logo. I love it!

DYC 10th Anniversary Logo

DYC 10th Anniversary Logo

10 years is an important milestone and My Anguilla Experience is proud to be working with this Department to raise awareness of the awesome work they do.

What does the Department of Youth and Culture (DYC) Do?

The Department has a big vision which speaks to ensuring that youth and culture are fully valued and resourced in nation building. Youth and Culture are way too important to be neglected so kudos to the Department for keeping the youth and culture agenda front and centre.  DYC also has a number of strategic goals and objectives. They include but are not limited to

  • preserving and protecting Anguilla’s culture and developing cultural industries and economies
  • enhancing the capacity for young people to make informed decisions for their personal wellbeing
  • supporting the engagement of young people and cultural practitioners in sustainable livelihoods
  • helping young people to coexist peacefully in schools and communities

 How Is the Department Set Up?

 The department’s mandate is carried out in three distinct divisions of labour(the Office of the Director; Culture and Arts Division; Youth Affairs Division).

 Who can you speak to at DYC?

 Management and Staff would be delighted to speak to you about programmes and initiatives at DYC.  The names and faces at DYC are below.

Bren Romney – Director

Shellya K. Rogers – Senior Programme Officer (Culture)

Avon Carty – Programme Officer (Culture)

Melissa Hamm – Artistic Coordinator (Arts)

Sabrina Lewis – Programme Assistant (Culture)

Joleyne S. Robin – Senior Programme Officer (Youth)

Mrs. Jocelyne Y. Mills – Programme Officer (Youth)

Kemoloy J. Murphy – Programme Assistant (Youth)

Shanicia V. Richardson – Senior Clerical Officer

Josette V Duncan – Centre Manager for The Hope Centre

Jemima Romney – Centre Manager Blowing Point Youth Development Centre

Kerniel ‘Connie’ Richardson-Chung – Centre manager at the West End Community Development Centre

The Team at DYC

Some of the Team at DYC

Mr Romney and Senior Officers

Mr Romney and Senior Officers Shellya and Joleyne

What current initiatives can you get involved in, benefit from or assist with?

The mandate of this Department is wide-reaching and touches on many programme areas.  They are all so important that I listed them all. Do you know someone who can benefit from any of these initiatives? Would you like to volunteer or provide assistance or sponsorship through cash or kind for any initiative? If yes contact DYC!

 Sustainable Livelihoods

Job Link Up Participants

Job Link Up Participants

New cohorts for the Job Link Up Programme and Youth Exposure programme recently launched in 2017. If you are a young entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, there is still time to register for the GET SET Entrepreneurial Programme. Contact DYC today.

Branches of Learning - Innovation Award sponsored by ACOCI

Branches of Learning – Winner of Innovation Award sponsored by ACOCI for GET SET 2016

Youth Participation in Governance, Decision-Making, Community and Nation Building

  • Youth Leadership Training/Seminars
  • Open Mic
  • Youth Spin (Radio and Social Media Programme)
  • National Conference on Youth and Development
  • Straight-Up Conversation (Youth in Governance)
  • Anguilla National Youth Council (ANYC)
  • Youth Ambassador Corps.
  • Student Governments/Councils (ALHCS; ACC and the Primary Schools)
  • National Youth Awards
  • Anguilla Youth Parliament
National Youth Conference

Some Participants at National Youth Conference

Anguilla National Youth Council

The current Anguilla National Youth Council (ANYC)

Rudy Webster - Esteemed Volunteer Award and Friend of Youth

Youth Awards – Rudy Webster – Esteemed Volunteer Award and Friend of Youth

Community Service organisation: Arijah Foundation

Youth Awards – Community Service organisation: Arijah Foundation

Outstanding Youth in Entrepreneurship: Jermaine Payne

Youth Awards – Outstanding Youth in Entrepreneurship: Jermaine Payne

Youth Well-being

  • Youth Splash
  • Annual Inter-House Debating Competition (with Environmental Health Department)

(Topics focus on issues of youth well being)

  • After-school Well being and Fitness Programme (Fit Teen)

Peaceful Coexistence in Public Spaces

  • Joint Summer Camps (with Community Centers)
  • Parenting Seminars/Workshops
  • Community Centers
  • Partners Advocating for Violence Eradication (PAVE)
  • Implementation of the Anti-Violence Strategy
  • Anguilla Service Corps (Volunteers and Mentors)

Culture, Cultural Identity, Diversity and Preservation

  • Know Ya Culture Programme
  • Culture Club (ALHCS)
  • Culture and Arts Calendar
  • Calypso Fest
  • Inter-Primary School Calypso Competition
  • Valley Street Festival (with the Tourism Board)
  • Festival Del Mar (with Island Harbour Community)
  • Membership in the Regional Cultural Committee (implementation of related programmes/activities)

Cultural Industries and National Development

  • Anguilla Arts Council (work in progress)
  • Extension of Culture and IP Conventions to Anguilla

Cultural and Artistic Promotion and Development

  • National Arts and Culture Awards (Celebration of Anguilla’s Culture and Arts)
  • Youth ESCAPE Programme
  • After Schools Arts Programme
  • Revision of ‘Anguilla Our Island’ text
The awards recipients

The 2016 National Arts and Culture Awards Recipients

Cultural Heritage and Environment

  • Youth Escape Programme (Marine Heritage Workshops)
  • Boat Racing in Anguilla
  • Boat Racing Association

Public Relations and Communication

  • Implementation of the Department’s Communication Strategy
  • Formalisation of partnerships with media outlets
    • Radio Anguilla
    • ATV
    • The Anguilla
    • My Anguilla Experience

Capacity Building and Service Delivery

  • 10th Anniversary Celebrations DYC_Calendar of Events 2017 
  • Design and Development of DYC’s Website
  • Management of Landsome Bowl Cultural Centre

Staff Training and Professional Development

  • On-going Staff Development and Training
  • Formalisation of partnership with ACC (MOU Agreement), Department of Education (MOU Agreement and Anguilla Tourism Board (MOU Agreement)

Stakeholders/Partners Engagement; Financial and Technical Support

  • Registration and Accreditation of Youth Based Organisations
  • Registry of Youth Based Organisations
  • Registration and Accreditation of Cultural Practitioners and Artists
  • Registry of Cultural Practitioners and Artists
  • Grants and Contributions (Youth Organisations; Artists and Cultural Practitioners)
  • Technical Support (Youth Organisations; Artists and Cultural Practitioners)
  • Tax Exemptions (Custom Duties, Departure Tax, Entertainment Tax and Security Fees)


  • Anguilla GET SET Entrepreneurial Programme Management Advisory Board
  • Job Link-Up Programme Management Advisory Board
  • Anguilla Service Corps Programme Management Advisory Board


  • Anguilla National Youth Council
  • National Youth Ambassador Corps
  • Anguilla Boat Racing Association
  • Anguilla Arts Council (work in progress)
  • Anguilla National Calypso Association


Get involved with the centre closest to you!

*West End Community Development Centre

*Blowing Point Youth Development Centre

Eleos Centre (Sandy ground)

Comprehensive Learning Centre (North Hill)

*Valley Youth Development Initiative

*HOPE Centre (East End)

CARE Centre (Island Harbour)

CARE Centre (Pond Ground)

*Department directly involved in the management/operations of the Centre

Youth and Community Development Centre Managers

Youth and Community Development Centre Managers with DYC Director and Staff


Managing Innovation Training – Feb 9 & 10 (Collaboration between ADB, DYC and COSME)

Open Mic 1 – March 1

Launch of the 2017-2018 Culture Arts Calendar – March 02

Business Symposium – April 08

DYC_Calendar of Events 2017 

Do also check out our last posts on DYC’s launch of the Job Link Up Programme,  National Arts and Culture Awards ,  Entrepreneurship Expo and the Regional Youth Forum.


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