Happy Birthday to Me!

For my 28th and 29th I celebrated my birthday with a fish fry at my friend Patricia’s house. Prior to this, I always did a big dinner at a restaurant. This was my sisters and I at Smokey’s for my 26th.

26th Birthday

What I loved about the fish fries though was just how informal they were. When you meet in a ‘yard,’ you can truly leave your hair down. Perin always manned the outdoor gas fryer and everyone contributed by bringing seasoned fish. Sherma also brought pre-made dough so we could have fresh fry cakes. So fish and fry cakes, friends, fun and frolic and add to that fresh air from the Island Harbour bay and you have a great recipe for a fun and memorable birthday.


Fish Fry by Patricia

Fish Fry by Patricia


However, for my 30th which is often seen as a milestone, I decided to celebrate at a nice restaurant. I chose Flavours as I hadn’t been there since it reopened and I had been hearing nothing but positive reviews about it.

I made a dinner date with Nash, my sisters and a few other friends for a fabulous night at Flavours restaurant. I am a big fan of fry cakes so the complimentary fry cakes with ratatouille was a great start to the evening. My friends ordered appetizers and the vegetable spring rolls and the coconut shrimp empanadas were also yummy.

I love the conch creole at Tasty’s restaurant so I was looking forward to trying it as my main dish at Flavours restaurant. While my conch that night was not as succulent as I would have liked the dish was enjoyable.

conch creole

I also got to sample a number of other items on the menu including the grouper which was quite tasty and the pyrat rum glazed short ribs which has the distinct flavor of the Pyrat (ha ha go figure).


My favourite dish of the evening though was definitely the stuffed shrimp. My friend ordered this dish on the recommendation of my friend Hanna who raved about it (you remember Hanna right?). Well I agree with her completely. The dish was delicious.

Stuffed Shrimp

We were stuffed after dinner but there was still room for a taste of the chocolate cake for dessert. Yum yum.

Anyway, apparently March 23 is a busy day for birthdays or everyone chose to celebrate at Flavours restaurant because at least four times throughout the night the birthday song was sung by the staff.  At one time, my entire table was laughing because a member of staff almost brought a huge cake to our table because he thought it was for me when in actual fact it was another celebrant. As he said ‘wow there are many birthdays tonight.’

Flavours helped to make my birthday special by providing a complimentary drink and bringing everyone on the table a slice of complimentary carrot cake. Our server, Davon,  was also very helpful.


Group Shot at Flavours Restaurant Anguilla

Group Shot at Flavours Restaurant Anguilla

All in all, I had a great time with my family and friends and the evening of my 30th was special.


Group shot at Flavours Restaurant, Anguilla

Group shot at Flavours Restaurant, Anguilla


I feel good about turning 30 and I look forward to what lies ahead in my Anguilla Experience.

Interested in other restaurants in Anguilla. Here is a quick review of some of our faves. I aslo had fun experiences at Straw Hat restaurant and Blanchards Restaurant.

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Have a fantastic day!