I am a member of the Anguilla National Trust. The trust organizes monthly events for members and friends on the last Saturday of each month. Activities vary from hikes around the pond, to off island excursions to Anguilla’s cays to bird watching, walks/hikes along Anguilla’s coast and much more.

I am not always available to attend these monthly events but when I do go I love it. In a recent post, I listed activities with the Anguilla National Trust as some of my favourite things to do in Anguilla.

First part of walk with the Anguilla National Trust

First part of walk with the Anguilla National Trust

On Saturday morning Nash and I joined a group of about ten persons on what was called a ‘gentle’ walk from Rendezvous Bay to Maundays Bay. To get from one beach to the other, it would mean walking along the rock in some areas and it would also include walking the beautiful stretches of Merrywing Bay and The Cove. I was not surprised to see regulars like Mr. Reid, Ensor, Vernette and Mary Pat who owns Hibernia Restaurant which I must try very soon, when I arrived.

If you are considering doing an activity with the Anguilla National Trust look out for the intensity of the activity such as ‘gentle’, ‘moderate’ or ‘strenuous.’ Also do note how long the activity is expected to take as some activities can be a test of endurance! Also look out for recommended wear and do not ignore this as sneakers or long pants could make the difference between a fun walk or hike or an uncomfortable walk or hike. Our walk was to take 1.5 hours and sandals and shorts could be worn.

Choosing to do the walk would mean that I would be late for the biggest sale of the year at Hottest Selections but I knew the rejuvenating feeling from a good walk/hike and the spectacular views I would enjoy would make it worth it.

I had a great time and I knew pictures and videos would capture this walk perfectly. See the first of many videos I took during the walk. You will also find wonderful pictures that Nash took during the walk in the video.  I will be posting these videos over the next few days to our YouTube channel – My Anguilla Experience – so do check them out.

I would like to shout out to Farah who is the Executive Director at the Anguilla National Trust  for her great work in organizing these activities.

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