This Mama needed a grown-up break and I got just what I needed at IWAS At The Bar. Nope, I didn’t fete until morning with Exodus HD 😊. IWAS At The Bar has pivoted temporarily and now offers a chill, eat, and dine, open air vibe for its customers. A lounge type dining experience is my favourite type of night out.

Enjoying tasty small plates at IWAS AT The Bar

Mirabelle West, the dynamic and down to earth, Owner of IWAS At The Bar has been an advocate for health and safety during this Covid era. She is a creative entrepreneur known for her willingness to try new things and rise to challenges. Speaking to her, you can see the wheels turning in her head, as she acknowledges that changing concepts has been challenging but it has also presented an opportunity to show the versatility and flexibility of IWAS At The Bar.

What’s the Same at IWAS At The Bar?

There are some things which have not changed at IWAS At The Bar.

  • It is still first and foremost a Bar. It is the place to go for cool and enticing cocktails ($12) a glass of wine ($7), and other drinks of your choice.
  • The interior décor with mood lighting, bold and colourful graffiti and furniture made from recycled and sustainable materials still make you feel like you ‘gone international.’ I have no travel plans in the immediate future, so I loved the temporary mental escape to an artsy district in Miami/New York.
  • Amazing and helpful staff. Great customer service is important to me so IWAS At The Bar with their superior service is a win for a fun and relaxing night out.
  • Bar food that will have you coming back for more.
  • Open from 6pm and you are encouraged to come out early, get some food and drinks but also feel free to stay until late.
Instagram Perfect Moment at IWAS At the Bar

What’s New at IWAS At The Bar?

Currently, IWAS At The Bar offers an experience which focuses more on intimate one on one/small group ‘limin’, drinks and casual, no frills but yummy dining.  Though early to bed customers will love the new arrangement, night owls can still chill and find a seat and a table at IWAS at the Bar.

So, What’s New?

  • Lush Live music which will encourage you to sway rather than wine. Charismatic Mondays feature Charisma and Chuk on Keys. Stay tuned for more entertainers with low-key acoustics.
  • A shift to drinking and dining rather than jamming.  Mirabelle has refined the cocktail offering making it more international so there is something for everyone. She is also the creative mastermind behind IWAS At The Bar’s new menu. The menu is personal to her – foods she likes to eat, priced in a way that makes her happy. She applauded and praised her staff for being able to bring her vision to life even with the growing pains.
  • A covered patio.
  • Open and available for private events. Corporate events such as dinner parties are encouraged.

International small plates and tasty sushi are available for both indoor dining and take away. A delivery option is also on the horizon.

My Chill Experience at IWAS At The Bar

It was kind of a perfect evening with my mom and sister. There were a few other diners also enjoying intimate experiences.

We tried several of the international small plates and some of the sushi. On our table from the International Small Plates section of the menu were Lebanese Tabbouleh Salad (Quinoa, parsley, tomato, onion, and mint), Filipino Pork Ribs Adobo (Pork ribs in a traditional sticky sauce), Anguillian Snapper (Whole snapper with fungi), Mediterranean Calamari (Battered with Tartare sauce) and the Portuguese rock shrimp (Battered with spicy mayo).    

Anguillian Snapper at IWAS At The Bar

I love some wings, so I was excited to try their Wings of the World. I had mine flavoured with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce and a spicy mayo dip.   For wing lovers, there are multiple options for flavours and dips.

There was still a little room on our table so from House Rolls we had the Angry Dragon (inside crab, cucumber, avocado and outside eel, and sesame).

Angry Dragon at IWAS At The Bar

Additional dishes on our fully laden table were coconut rice and seasoned fries.

The cocktail menu was tempting and though I seldom drink the Bussanut (Havana Club White Rum, Coconut Passion, Lime Juice and Mint) sounded delicious and it may be my drink of choice one day when I end my nursing journey!

I love the concept of small plates because it provides the opportunity to try, sample and share so many different dishes on the menu. My favourite dishes hands down were the wings, Portuguese rock shrimp and the Angry Dragon. Also, ‘Mirabelle can I have that coconut rice every day please?’ It was so good.

I loved sitting on the covered patio with pretty fairy lights. I felt completely relaxed. The staff was attentive and knowledgeable. The food was delivered quickly which was amazing as I was famished.

Covered Patio at IWAS At The Bar

We laughed and talked throughout dinner and by the end of the evening at IWAS at the Bar, my belly was full, and my mind and soul were rejuvenated.

A Menu that Supports Youth Development – Hear Me Out.

I loved Mirabelle’s take on the menu when she gave an illustration about how the menu works for everyone.

She asked us to picture a 19-year-old taking his girlfriend out for dinner. His budget may not be very big, but he may be proud. He is dressed up, shirt starched. At IWAS at the Bar, he can have a wonderful and valuable experience. The couple can order a dish of coconut rice, chicken, or ribs for under $21 dollars. The girl can have a glass of prosecco ($7). They get a taste of Metropolitan living on a budget. For about 30 dollars (15 dollars a head), a young couple can have a nice evening out. The atmosphere is decent, and they can feel like they went somewhere.

I say, yes, to affordable dining and yes, to all of this!

Who needs to be at IWAS At The Bar?

Looking for an affordable night out for a date or gathering with friends or family? See you at IWAS At The Bar.

Need to unwind after a long day at work and you have no desire to go home and cook? See you at IWAS At The Bar.

Desire an affordable and delicious lunch or dinner which does not come in a To Go Box? See you at IWAS At The Bar.

Need some yummy takeout for Netflix and Chill? See you at IWAS At The Bar.

Girls or Guys night out? See you at IWAS At The Bar.

At IWAS At The Bar, you can access an awesome dining out experience in an affordable way,

What are the Opening Hours at IWAS at the Bar?

IWAS at the Bar is open for Dinner Friday to Tuesday from 6pm. Closed Wednesday and Thursday.

What does the future hold for IWAS At the Bar

Though it is a big change, Mirabelle and the team are enjoying the new vibe and energy at IWAS At The Bar and are testing new initiatives regularly. They are putting in the work to make this new change work. It is expected that eventually IWAS At The Bar will once again take up its coveted title as the Number 1 Night Club in Anguilla (in time for Old Year’s night – who knows?) but until then, grab a drink, pull up a chair and enjoy some good food, great conversation, low key music and superb service at IWAS at the Bar.

This is my limin spot this Christmas season. Hope to see you there!

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