Hi everyone!

On the Wednesday night before the wedding, we had a family get together at the Beach Shack and Hanna and Davina were of course part of the family. It was lots of laughter and fun.


On the Thursday morning before the wedding, I picked up Hanna and Davina to show them some more of the island or rather some of the hotels in Anguilla. We drove west to Viceroy first. Hanna had seen this hotel by night for my girl’s night out at Sunset Lounge two nights before but was excited to see it during the day. They both absolutely loved it.

View at Viceroy

We also took a quick stop on Meads Bay so that Davina could see the Beach House designed by Ian ‘Sugar George’ Edwards of Sunset Homes. Hanna fell in love with the beach house on first sight. We are convinced that one day Hanna will own it.


After Viceroy we headed to Cap Juluca where of course the view resulted in oohhs and ahhhhs. Then it was off to Cuisinart where I relaxed for a bit (in anticipation of my spa day the following day) while they explored the property. They were equally impressed with this resort. There are some beautiful hotels in Anguilla.


We then headed to the Valley, where we bought some coconut water and had our water and then the coconut jelly over by the market in the Valley. We then carried Hanna back to Sandy Ground where she did another dive. By the way, Hanna is now a certified scuba diver. I am so proud of you Hanna. You wanted to do your first dive in Anguilla and to get certified and being the amazing woman you are, you did it! Congratulations!
Davina and I then headed to Lisa’s in the Valley where we had a wonderful meal before she accompanied me around the island as I did further wedding preparations.
Well, that’s it for now. All and all, it was a good day and I am certain both of my friends will definitely return to my Anguilla paradise.