Hi guys

If you don’t have an official Wedding Planner for your wedding day, it is imperative that you have a close friend or family member who is your ‘Planner’ and who will basically know everything that is going on. This person should be giving you reminders and keeping tabs to ensure all the important things get done.


While there were many persons who helped to ensure my day went smoothly including all my friends at Finance and my sisters, two persons really pulled things together. A huge thanks to my good friend Patricia and my hubby Nashaine. I could relax knowing that everything was left in your very capable hands.


For example, the night before the wedding, Patricia ensured that the table cloths fit when I ordered them too big and  she also remembered to pick up a case of Cider the morning of the wedding which I had forgotten to purchase. As Hanna indicated she wore so many hats on the morning of the wedding ! Everyone commented on what a lovely person she is and how relaxed she made everyone feel. Thanks Pat!


As to my hubby…you know how I feel. There are no words. They both helped to ensure that I woke up feeling refreshed and that my only concerns were getting to the church on time…which I did almost!


Thanks to everyone for helping to ensure my wedding day in Anguilla was spectacular.