After a long hiatus, I re-joined the Anguilla National Trust (ANT) for their hiking excursions. The activity was a moderate hike from Captains Bay to Island Harbour along the coast. I was super excited and was pleased that the weather cleared up just in time for the hike. I joined a large group at ANT headquarters and we made our way to Island Harbour (our end point) where we left some vehicles and then drove to Captain’s Bay.

Hiking with the Anguilla National Trust

I started these hikes with ANT more than 5 years ago and I always have a terrific time. Below are my 5 Do’s and 1 Don’t when exploring the coast.

Do wear comfortable, sturdy shoes and clothing

Ensure that your sneakers are sturdy. A friend’s shoes fell apart once when we were hiking on Dog Island. That was hilarious but definitely inconvenient for him.

Hiking sneakers

Hiking sneakers

Do make new friends

There is a great mix of persons who go on these hikes including visitors. It is a great way to ‘network’ and build connections.

Trev and I and a gorgeous view behind us

Trev and I and a gorgeous view behind us

Hike from Captain's Bay

Hike from Captain’s Bay

Anguilla National Trust

Anguilla National Trust

Do enjoy the gorgeous interrupted views

These hikes are not marathons. We take our time to appreciate the view and scenery and to ensure that the slowest persons do not fall too far behind. On this hike, persons were oohing and ahhhhing over plants that I did not even notice. I was too busy watching the sea. The experience for everyone will be different.

I am very conscious of the fact that Anguilla’s coast line will continue to change. One man who never misses an ANT hike shared with us how he explored the coastline in his youth before there were any hotels on it. I can only imagine how gorgeous it must have been.  I am not sure what the coast or access to the coast will be like in 20 years so I am definitely soaking it all in now.

It is a shame that even on the coast, there is garbage. We have to do better in Anguilla as we are destroying the only resource we have for ourselves and future generations.

Hiking on Anguilla's coast

Hiking on Anguilla’s coast

View from the top

View from the top

Hike on Anguilla's coast

Hike on Anguilla’s coast – View from abandoned home

Do take a selfie

Capture the moments but don’t get too close to the edge! The rocks on the coast are spiky and the ocean can be wild. Tread and take photos with caution.

Hiking selfie

Hiking selfie

Do laugh

There are lots of opportunities to laugh on these hikes. On this hike I narrowly avoided getting wet from head to toe from the overflow of a huge wave. Some of my hiking buddies were not so lucky. The expression on their face as they did not see the wave coming was priceless!

Hike (4)

Take your time, breathe in the fresh air. we aren't in a rush

Take your time, breathe in the fresh air. We aren’t in a rush.


Don’t knock it till you try it.

I have invited a number of people on these hikes and I have gotten responses such as

“I don’t get up so early on a Saturday.”

“That sounds like exercise.”

‘The sun is too hot.”

These hikes are definitely not for everyone but I will say this ‘Try it. You just might like it.’

I will be heading to Festival Del Mar next week. Will you be there?

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Talk to you soon.