Six months baby boy

Wow! Our little baby boy is now six months old. I can’t even say where the time has gone since we first found out that Shelly was going to have a baby. I was determined that he was going to be a little boy and that I was going to be the best father that he can have. Well little Xavi first showed his face last July and I can’t picture a life without him and Shelly. I can only say that I am blessed to have a wife and a baby. So much has happened over these last few months and I regret to say that I have lost a few friends and family. I will miss them dearly especially my cousin Steven. What life has taught me is that nothing is too certain and we won’t know when good or ill will happen. For me that only means that I should love more and do more especially for the people in my life.

Six Months baby boy

Six Months baby boy Xavi

Thank you

When my friend Rohan Petty said we should do a video for Xavi I hopped on it. I set out writing and soon Rohan, Cleve (another friend of mine), Xavi and I were shooting. Everything turned out well and Xavi was a perfect baby for every scene even though I said he fussed in the end (he really didn’t). I will say thanks to Rohan and Cleve, to Kenvis who insisted that that voice over had a professional touch and to Cherrod Lewis for doing the recording and touch up.

I think the video turned out great and I think Shelly cried when she saw it but don’t tell her I said that. Oh and before I forget Anguilla is a great place for shooting videos. The weather and atmosphere are perfect more than 90 percent of the time.



I love talking about this little baby boy and taking his picture as you can see on my Facebook and my Instagram.

I have also written about him on this blog as well about being a first time father.

So here is to you my little baby boy, with much love, “For my son.”