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My sister and her friends came up with an idea called Tourist Day in 2012. I thought the idea was great and I wanted to share it with you here at See below the description of Tourist Day from these beautiful ladies.

My Anguilla Experience , The beautiful ladies at Pokers Plank Restaurant, Anguilla

Tourist Day 2013, Poker’s Plank Restaurant, Anguilla

Why did you start Tourist Day?

As recent university graduates, when we moved back home to Anguilla, we found that as we integrated into the next phase of our life, the working phase, we spent less and less time together as friends. Additionally, we noted that it was very easy to fall into the monotony of work and become complacent or busy in terms of our extracurricular activities and how we utilized our leisure time.

Tourist day was borne out of the need to stay connected with friends in an exciting and refreshing way. It broke the monotony of work and it allowed us to embrace Anguilla in a different way, from a different perspective. That is, the perspective of many of our university peers and others we encountered and conversed with abroad. The reaction from many when they were told that we lived in the Caribbean was usually along the lines of “You’re so lucky!”, “I would love to visit the Caribbean!” and for us UK students “You’re from the Caribbean? Why in the world would you leave that paradise to come to the UK.”

With the understanding that we were indeed “lucky” to live somewhere where most people only dreamed of vacationing, we decided to not just live in Anguilla, but to embrace Anguilla. Most of our tourist days involve eating because we love food especially Anguillian cuisine.

What is tourist day?

A day locals can relax and enjoy the simple pleasures and benefits of island life which we normally take for granted. A tourist day can give you an opportunity to enjoy our island from the perspective of a tourist. It will open your eyes as to how beautiful Anguilla is and all it has to offer in terms of cuisine, art, nature etc.

Tourist Day 2012

Tasty’s Restaurant for Lunch

Cocktails at Ocean Echo

Dessert at Blanchards Beach Shack

Tasty's Restaurant, Anguilla, Tourist Day 2012

Tasty’s Restaurant, Anguilla, Tourist Day 2012

Tourist Day at Ocean Echo, Anguilla

Tourist Day at Ocean Echo, Anguilla

Tourist Day 2013

Lunch at Poker’s Plank Restaurant

My Anguilla Experience, Lunch at Pokers Plank Restaurant, Anguilla, 2013

Lunch at Pokers Plank, Tourist Day, Anguilla

My Anguilla Experience - Lunch at Pokers Plank, Tourist Day, 2013

Lunch at Poker’s Plank Restaurant, Tourist Day, 2013

Sherise at Pokers Plank Restaurant, Tourist Day 2013, Anguilla

Sherise at Poker’s Plank Restaurant, Tourist Day 2013, Anguilla

My Anguilla Experience, Pokers Plank Restaurant, Tourist Day 2013, Anguilla

Poker’s Plank Restaurant, Tourist Day 2013, Anguilla


Frozen drinks at Blanchards Beach Shack

My Anguilla Experience - Verny at Blanchard's Beach Shack, Tourist Day, 2013

Verny at Blanchards Beach Shack, Tourist Day, 2013

We usually end our tourist days at Blanchards Beach Shack because it is just a great place for locals and tourists alike to relax. The staff are friendly and the frozen drinks and dessert (brownies especially) are the best!

Moving Forward

Thus far, we have had two tourist days.  Future plans for tourist day as we branch out include snorkeling, kayaking, visiting nearby cays, and perhaps cost permitting an overnight stay at one of Anguilla’s five star hotels.

Tourist day can mean different things to different people as you engage in varying activities. In a nutshell, it is basically just a day for you to look forward to, to connect with family and friends while embracing and enjoying Anguilla and all it has to offer. Nothing in Anguilla is limited to tourists, everything is accessible and available for tourists and locals alike to enjoy!

A word from My Anguilla Experience

My Anguilla Experience would like to commend these beautiful ladies on this wonderful idea and for sharing Tourist Day with our readers.

Sherise wrote about some of her favourite places to chill, eat and drink in Anguilla here and also shared some reasons why summer is a great time to come to Anguilla here.

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Have a great day!