It is the Christmas season in Anguilla. Christmas season and the restart of the tourism season usually bring added activities and a generally festive feeling on the island.

Anguilla’s Race Against Aids

On Saturday,  Xavi and I broke out of our lazy Saturday mode and hit the road. Our first stop at 8am was Anguilla’s Race against Aids charity run.  I commend all those who participated as we work together to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Xavi and I - Race against Aids

Xavi and I – Race against Aids


Shopping in Anguilla

Our second stop was the annual 50% off sale at Hottest Selections in Anguilla.  There were loads of women there and they all were enjoying and taking advantage of the fabulous deal. Xavi’s expression is basically saying ‘you woke me up for this?’ Stores across the island including Hottest Selections now have their Christmas outfits in stock. Support local.

Xavi and I - Hottest Selections

Xavi and I – Hottest Selections

Valley Street Festival

Our third stop was the Valley Street Festival which was one of the events for Tourism week. Nash joined us for this event. It was a nice little family outing and I got a couple of good buys. I am enjoying my passion fruit jam from Anguilla’s Jammin’ and I look forward to rocking my hair clips from Jewel Art by Jaine Rogers. We all know that I love Johnny cakes so those were gone in a few minutes. I love Fairs and festivals. Festival Del Mar, Welches Fest and the South Valley Street Fair are among my favourites on Anguilla.

On Friday night the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association (AHTA) will host its annual Gala to culminate Tourism week. This year is an all-white affair. Outstanding persons in the tourism Industry will be celebrated at this event.

Valley Street Fair, Anguilla

Valley Street Fair in Anguilla

Haul from Valley Street Fair

Haul from Valley Street Fair

Dancing with the Stars

I ended the night by attending Dancing with the Stars – Teachers Edition. I usually only attend the final show but this year I attended the first showing because I knew so many of the participants. Shout out to Eva, Akio, Linton, Atisha, Perry, Brandon and the other participants. It was a very entertaining evening.  Amber Woodley and the team at From Within Dance (FWD) continue to do a great job at this event. The next performance for Dancing with the Stars will be the last Saturday in January at Anguilla Great House. See you there!

Dancing with the stars

Dancing with the stars

Do you have any exciting plans for December? Share them with us. 24 more days to Christmas and 30 days to the New Year! I am looking forward to ringing in 2016. Are you?

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