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Anyone who knows me knows that I hate exercising. Unlike Shelly and Nash, I do not find any kind of joy in running, jogging, gym or any traditional forms of exercise. The most “exercise” I usually get on a daily basis is watching TV marathons of all my favourite shows (I’m currently loving ‘Suits’ at the moment– Hilarious!) However, somehow, one of my friends was able to persuade me to go for an afternoon hike to Windward Point last Wednesday and I must say it was quite enjoyable.

Our journey  to Windward Point Bay started down the rocky road towards Junks Hole Bay. Along the way, I joked about the time my friends and I took the wrong road and got lost one evening trying to find our way back from a bonfire at Junks Hole Bay.

No buildings in sight, an expanse of white dirt roads, green foliage and a view of the beach in the distance, it is quite easy to get lost along that path if you are not familiar with the area, which I wasn’t! However, my friend was quite familiar with the path.

Coast in distance - Windward Point Area

Coast in distance – Windward Point Area

Old Well House

Our first stop was an Old Well House. Inscribed on the wall inside the well house was the date 1962. However, it is possible that the house could have been built before 1962. Amazingly, more than fifty (50) years later, this tiny structure is still standing erect in quite excellent condition.

Old Well House

Old Well House

Sherise at Old Well House

Sherise at Old Well House

There were numerous cherry trees near the Old Well House which brought back many childhood memories of days spent wandering the bushes around my cousin’s home in search of tasty delights like cherries (also known in Anguilla as sherries), popes, gooseberries, tamarinds and guineps.

Cherry Trees - Windward Point Area

Cherry Trees – Windward Point Area

As we were leaving, having indulged in our fair share of cherries, I spotted some fascinatingly tall slim trees. I learnt that they were called Yucca Fibre Pole plants and could be used for a variety of purposes including making surf boards! I found that little fact to be quite interesting!

Tree Skinny

Surfboard - Windward Point Anguilla

Surfboard – Windward Point Anguilla – Picture Credit Surf AXA

Abadam Hole, Anguilla

Our next stop was Abadam Hole. I am not certain as to the origin of the name but it certainly sounded quite intriguing. As we trekked along towards the hole, I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of the setting sun in the distance, which was also an indicator for us that it was almost time to head home. The hole was quite big and filled with lots of moss, rocks and water, fed by underground streams.

Abadam Hole

Abadam Hole

guy walking

We could hear the bats rustling around inside, which is why when an initially unidentifiable creature flew up out of the hole and towards my head, I immediately ducked and screamed assuming it was a bat. However I shortly realized that it was none other than one of our many turtle doves on the island also known as Zenaida Aurita, the national bird of Anguilla. My friend and I had a good laugh about the incident.

Sherise by Abadam hole, Windward Point

Sherise by Abadam hole, Windward Point

Anguilla's National Bird - Zenaida Aurita

Anguilla’s National Bird – Zenaida Aurita

As we continued towards Windward Point Bay, we stopped at an area filled with many big rocks. I have always had a fascination with big rocks and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to climb up on a few and take some pictures. We then decided to hike a bit closer to the coast to get a better view. This became increasingly more difficult (for me at least!) due to the expansive sea rock formation and the jagged edges of the rocks themselves. However, it was all worth it to view the ocean in all its glory and experience the full beauty of the sunset.

Sherise on rock formation, Windward Point Anguilla

Sherise on rock formation, Windward Point Anguilla

Sherise with hands pumped

Our final stop was Windward Point Bay. True to its name, the gusty winds nearly knocked me off my colourfully clad feet. We momentarily enjoyed the sight of the crashing waves and the sounds of sea gulls in the distance before heading home. All in all, it was definitely a Wednesday afternoon well spent.

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Windward Point Bay

Sherise and friend shoes

Sherise and friend shoes – Windward Point Bay Anguilla

Windward Point Bay, Anguilla

Windward Point Bay, Anguilla

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