Limin the goat 2

I enjoy scenic views of Sandy Ground from South Hill
You may not notice that I am watching while getting my stomach filled
I watch the children swimming and the boats sailing slowly by
I do this while on my stomach I lie

I hear the laughter and chatter of the men under the tree
The locals seldom notice me
Suddenly though I am aware
I sense that there are some tourists near

I see their smiles and hear their delight
The kids say ‘Mommy, Daddy, a goat’ as they point
The beautiful view from South Hill for a second fades
And I, yes I ‘Limin’ the goat, take centre stage

The camera goes snap, snap, snap
Within a few seconds though they are back to the map
I take no offence you know
This is Anguilla, there is so much to explore

I have seen the beaches and climbed down the cliffs
And I am lucky to often catch a whiff
Of food being cooked on barbeques and grills
Watching visitors and tourists eat their fill

So I don’t get offended when they ignore me again for the view
After all, I ignore them too
We both turn to watch the sky and sea, each a different hue
We both feel blessed to be here in Anguilla

Truly ‘Tranquility wrapped in Blue.’
Written by Shellecia Brooks-Johnson
Edited by Sherise Brooks


The goat in this poem is called ‘Limin.’ ‘Limin’ is an Anguillian term which means to party and have fun, relax or hang out.