You can take a Caribbean woman out of the Caribbean, but you can’t take the Caribbean out of a Caribbean woman. As much as I believe we are global citizens, we take aspects of the cultures and environments which molded us where ever we go. Here are 10 things which are firmly entrenched within me and which I hold on to proudly wherever I roam. See the first 10 ways I am a Caribbean Girl here.

1.This accent is forever

My accent sets me apart immediately and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is beautiful and lyrical and a special part of me. Accents are also a great conversation starter!

2. My love of seafood

I haven’t had crayfish or a snapper in way too long. While I love food from all over the world, seafood holds a special place in my heart. This is the first year I will be missing Festival Del Mar in Anguilla. Remind me to stay away from social media during this two-day seafood festival. I will be too jealous of all the visitors and locals posing with some of my favorites like lobster, conchs, jacks, whelks and of course Johnny cakes.

I love crayfish
Happiness is shellfish

3. Shorts are life

Winter fashion is fun, but the truth is I like to throw on a top and shorts, slip on some sandals and go – year-round. There is a pair of shorts for every occasion – almost. Of course, it is very hot at home so the less clothes the better right! Shorts over tights during winter just aren’t my vibe. Hoping for lots of sun on these legs this summer as I packed my favorite shorts and I am already eyeing some new ones I love in the stores.

Shellecia and Sherise
Shorts are life.

4. A connection with family and friends

I am grateful to have my little family here together in the United Kingdom.  I also have been very intentional about connecting with close family and friends here in the UK and taking short trips. We visited my cousins in Southampton, spent Christmas with Nash’s family in London, visited a close friend in Birmingham and made a special trip to London to connect with a friend from home who was there for a week. These little trips keep me connected because a big part of home is those I love.

Family - Nash was photographer!
Family in London – Nash was photographer!

5.  Beach days are the best days

One of the things I love here are the parks and playgrounds and the open green spaces. I still wouldn’t trade our beaches. Some of my best memories and cherished times are at the beach. Ideally, I would like to have the option of parks, playgrounds and beaches especially for Xavi.

The Cove, Anguilla
The Cove, Anguilla

6. Sunlight completes me

I do not miss sweating at all. However, I do miss the vibrant blues of the sky on a sunny day. I miss the certainty of sunlight. I can adjust and thrive in a different climate but as a Caribbean woman, the sun will always whisper to my heart and soul.

7. Good manners will take you everywhere

I will acknowledge you. I will probably even greet you.  I’m sorry. Blame any awkwardness you feel on how I was raised.

8. The rain is to be avoided

I don’t want to catch a cold. Yes, I know colds are spread by viruses. Yes, I am going to cover my head while everyone else around me is walking nonchalantly in the rain. Yes, I will do this even when it is just drizzling.

9. I know the rat race is not the ideal

There is a slower way of life where you can choose to smile more, spend more time with family and friends, pay more attention to the beauty that surrounds you and live a fuller life. That is the life I choose to live.

10. The glow I have is happiness and confidence

I don’t struggle with feeling less no matter where I am or who surrounds me. I can hold my own and I will carve my own space.

Be Sunlight where ever you go
Be Sunlight where ever you go

Let me know which ones you agree or disagree with and what other things you would add to this list!

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Surround yourself with people who feel like sunlight. xoxo MAE