Beach and Girl Talk

A great place for some good girl talk, reflection and planning is the beach. Fortunately we have 33 beautiful beaches to choose from on Anguilla. On Saturday morning, I spent a few hours with some family on the beach and I had some gab time with my sister Sherise. We used our cute little note books to jot down ideas and plans for the next few months.


It was a truly gorgeous morning and the sun cooperated with us and partially hid behind the clouds. We were able to enjoy some relaxing sister-sister time on the beach chairs in front of Tropical Sunset restaurant.

books and beaches

books and beaches

Pursue what really matters

As I gazed out at the horizon, I felt complete peace. It was the last day of the year and 2016 had been filled with blessings. I was excited about 2017, and the promise it held. “Pursue what really matters” – those words had been resonating with me over the last few weeks.

A couple strolled by holding hands and I smiled. Love matters. I watched my sister and her boyfriend play with Xavi  and I thought family and friends matter. My heart was full as I gazed at my husband taking pictures further along the beach – relationships and marriage matters.

Peace of mind, gratitude, girl talk, the courage to do what I love, giving back, helping to make my island paradise better…these all matter.

What matters to you and what will you be pursuing in 2017. Check out my first video in a series I have called “Pursue what really matters.”

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P.S Pursue what really matters!

xoxo Shelly