The Play

Last week a little girl came up to me and said ‘Nash, I am selling tickets to our Lion King play.’  Of course I said yes to attending but at the time I had no money in my pocket. She made sure I promised that I would be there. Shortly, after I came home, Shelly told me that we were going to see the Lion King play, with Xavi, as a family. There was no way I could get out  of it now. By the next day, I found out that our trio had grown and some of Shelly’s little cousins would be going with us to see the play.



We arrived at the school where the play was being held and saw that the auditorium wasn’t packed with people. This was the second showing and I started to wonder why I even bothered to come. However, we were just early and the little empty auditorium quickly filled up.

Shortly after, the cast of the Lion King play lined up along the aisle. Before me stood a fantastic assortment of costumes and makeup clad young people depicting animals from the original show. They had the strangest horns! From then my doubts about the show withered away. The room went dark and the singing and dancing started.




The Cast

I won’t say what happened in the show but it did turn out well. The cast were funny, enthusiastic, eager, delivered well and were very talented. My little friend played Scar, the malevolent lion and she did a great job of it. She also placed first in the Malliouhana Poetry Competition. Oh, did I mention that the play was funny?




Anyway it had to end, and again I will say that it was a great show. With a cast, consisting entirely of children, preteens, and teenagers, most having never acted before,  it was a great show. It captured the aspects of the actual Lion King and I was glad to see that the children with us enjoyed it too, especially since one of them shared my original sentiments.





I had a great time seeing this play and I do hope to see more of these plays in Anguilla. especially, that I now have a more positive attitude towards them.

Click here for the official press release for the Lion King Production.

Parents are encouraged to sign up their interested children into the Theatre Group for the January session by contacting Collette Jones-Chin at [email protected] or at 582-6860 after 3pm weekdays or on weekends.

The Wizard of Oz is carded to be staged for the next children’s production next spring. Look out in February 2017 for an adult cast production as Senoj Creations unfolds Dead Heat from The Grill, a Murder-Mystery Dinner Theatre.

In other arts news we would like to say congrats to Mr. Lennox Vanterpool on his new book. Do attend the book launch which will be on Monday December 12th, 2016 at the Teacher’s Resource Centre at 7pm.

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