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Recently, My Anguilla Experience  sat down for a chit-chat with the vibrant and multi-talented Tameika Fleming. Tameika is part owner of one of the most popular boutiques in Anguilla.  We spoke about topics like what makes Hottest Selections unique, Tameika’s favourite item of clothing, her advice about starting your own boutique and much more. Read on to find out what Tameika had to say about Hottest Selections and what others have to say about this fashionable store.


My Anguilla Experience, Hottest Selections, Sandy Hill, Anguilla

Interior of Hottest Selections – Styles from Hottest Selections (dress and skirt)

1) Who is Tameika Fleming?

Tameika Fleming is a young, vibrant Anguillian with an enterprising spirit.


2) How did you get involved in the fashion industry?

Well, I just sort of inherited the business.  I grew up around the business, developed a love for it. First, I learned how to dress mannequins and now I put outfits together and offer fashion advice to a wide cross-section of the Anguilla female population.


3) Can you see yourself working in the fashion industry full-time?

Well, it is fun and inspiring so yes, it would be a possibility.


4) Can you describe what Hottest Selections offers? What will we see and what can we expect to see?

Hottest Selections is all about offering the latest, trendiest fashions in ladies clothing and accessories for any occasion. When one comes to Hottest Selections, they can expect to see a variety of statement pieces and distinctive styles that will evoke the fashionista in them.

 What customers are saying about Hottest Selections?

 I refer to myself as their ‘walking Billboard’ because 75% of my wardrobe was bought at this fabulous boutique – Natalie.


5) Do you believe Hottest Selections played or plays a role in ensuring Anguillian women are always wearing the latest trends?

I believe Hottest Selections played a role in raising the ante of fashion. Hottest Selections brings fashion home, up close and personal instead of just relying on the internet. We always carry comparable trends and you can try the clothes and feel the texture etc.

What customers are saying about the styles at Hottest Selections?

 ‘Hottest Selections is my one-stop-shop to get the best style, most fashionable clothing and the hottest selections on Anguilla ‘- Shanica
‘Personally, this boutique’s extraordinary staff has changed my whole idea about fashion and keeps me up to date with all the hottest styles’ – Natalie


6) Do you always buy/carry or display clothes and accessories that you would wear?

We only carry/buy/display what we wear in terms of quality and distinctive style. Although, business wise it is prudent to carry a variety that would appeal to different types of customers.


7) Does most of your wardrobe come from Hottest Selections?

Yes, all of my casual clothes are from Hottest Selections. The pieces that I l really love and always want to wear are from here.


8) Why do you think people shop at Hottest Selections? What makes Hottest Selections successful?

People shop at Hottest Selections for the service, good conversation and the respect that we have for their individualism.

What customers are saying about the service at Hottest Selections?

‘She has something that is truly lacking in clothing stores in both Anguilla and St. Maarten, which is real Customer Service’ – Janay

We carry a limited quantity of each item and usually in different colours. Anguilla is very small so it is important to us that if all of our customers go to the same event that they look different. Some styles for example might be similar but the embellishments will be different.

Success is in pleasing and serving our customers. It is a most rewarding experience to know that they feel confident in what they wear and that they receive lots of compliments.  Hence our slogan “Look hot; feel great!”

What customers are saying about being unique when shopping at Hottest Selections?

 ‘Like no other location on the island, the limited number of each fashion forward piece fulfills the unique needs of its buyers, especially me ‘- Alfa


9) Are you always honest with your customers?

I am always honest with my customers.  It is important for customers to feel satisfied. Then, they will exude a certain confidence. At Hottest Selections we don’t just look for the sale. We know it is more important to have a life time customer. In fact, generations shop here, that is, mothers shopped here and now their daughters shop here too.

What customers are saying about feedback in Hottest Selections?

 ‘I love the fact that I can always go to Hottest Selections and try on as many outfits as I like and model around the store with Tameika who always gives an honest opinion’ – Meka


10) Who is your typical customer and are there any other types of customers you hope to attract?

The typical customer is any lady who is fashion conscious. If you are not comfortable with getting compliments, you may not want to wear items from Hottest Selections.

What customers are saying?

‘ Its uniqueness is why I love to shop here. It brings out swag that’s been there eager to shine. No purchase goes unnoticed, as I grab the attention of everyone’ – Kennelva

 ‘I ♥ shopping at Hottest Selections because I can look Sophisticated, Classy and feel Confident’- Kishma

In terms of who we would like to attract, well there is a big market for plus size clothing. It is important for us to be able to offer the same quality and similar styles that we currently offer to our current market.  We wouldn’t want to provide less than the best to anyone.


11) What is the price range in the store?

The price range is from affordable to worth every penny:-)

What customers are saying about their purchases from Hottest Selections?

Affordable and reasonable prices, for high quality and top edge products which makes your spending worthwhile’ – Rauvine

 ‘I love to shop at Hottest Selections because it is an indulgence that I can’t ever resist. I love the sweetness, warmth and ambiance of the place..The word FIT is the perfect compliment for the fits my fits my budget..Even though I am far away from home, I feel I fit and belong here..:) Thank you so much Hottest Selections for fitting me’ – Lory


12) Did you coin the term Look Hot, Feel Great?

Actually, I’m not sure. It kind of evolved with the business and from feedback from our customers. We didn’t always have a slogan but we know this is the right slogan for Hottest Selections.

What customers are saying about Hottest Selections?

 “Look hot, feel great” is fully endorsed as the catch phrase of Hottest Selections. It’s always a wonderful shopping experience from the trendy fashions to the welcoming environment. Who doesn’t love a one stop shop where you can find an outfit and accessorize on the spot! Forever a customer of the HOTTEST of Selections – Amber


13) Do you see a link between local boutiques such as Hottest Selections and tourism in Anguilla?

Indeed the linkage is there. As tourists traverse the island they come, shop and dialogue. Sometimes they come seeking information about the island, wanting to get to know more about our people and our culture. So boutiques are important to the tourism landscape.

The building is wooden so it stands out. Tourists take pictures of the building because they like the architecture; it is unique. There is a kind of paradox experience though when they come inside. We renovated last year and inside is comfortable, cozy and perhaps feels like you took a trip somewhere else.


My anguilla experience

Hottest Selections in Sandy Hill, Anguilla


I can’t function without music in the store. It makes the shopping experience more fun for locals and for me too.


My Anguilla Experience, Shopping in Anguilla, Hottest Selections

Part Owner of Hottest Selections, Tameika Fleming

14) If you could give advice to women who were thinking about starting a boutique, what would it be?

To have a successful boutique you have to be willing to work hard, make sacrifices, have lots of patience and most importantly appreciate people. You must know your target audience/market and listen to them.


15) What are your plans for the future for Hottest Selections?

The plans for the future are to grow with our clientele and find deeper, more meaningful expression in fashion.

On a small scale, we will engage in head to toe fashion, kind of one stop shopping. However, clothing will always be our focus. There is also potential for on online presence in the medium term.


 Fun Facts about Tameika Fleming

Favourite Restaurant:

Flavours is top of my mind because I went there recently

Favourite Colour:

None, but I like patterns

Favourite Piece of clothing:

A black cropped jacket from Hottest Selections. I wear it all the time. I wear it with dresses, pants and skirts. I’ve worn it to church, school and work, while traveling and also while just chilling in the store. I absolutely love it.

Fashion Advice: 

The secret to looking good is to be comfortable in the clothes that you wear and that will make you look good. Also get your size; no one sees the label other than you.


I had so much fun chilling with Tameika Fleming, Part Owner of Hottest Selections. I even helped out for a bit and watched her work her magic with customers as they came into the store. As I observed the dynamics, I couldn’t help but think that the interaction was more than customer to owner but instead it was friend to friend or even family member to family member.

The management and staff of Hottest Selections would like to extend a big thank you to all their customers for your patronage and support over the years. Remember Look Hot, Feel Great at Hottest Selections. Do not delay visit Hottest Selections today.


My Anguilla Experience, Hottest Selections Anguilla

Front of Hottest Selections, Sandy Hill, Anguilla


For further information on Hottest Selections visit the store in
Sandy Hill, East End, Anguilla AI 2640
Tel: 1-264-235-1005
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