My Honeymoon in Anguilla

Hi everyone

My Anguilla experience continues! It has been a fantastic week following the wedding. Nash and I will not travel for our honeymoon until mid year but we knew that a decision to staymoon or honeymoon in Anguilla was a good one. After all, Anguilla is a top honeymoon destination. Tens of thousands of persons visit Anguilla annually and many visit because of the sense of romance and passion that Anguilla evokes within.


As Anguillians, we do often take the magic of Anguilla for granted and I hope that all of you will be encouraged to go out and recapture the magic of love, romance and passion in your relationships or marriage. We truly do live on a fabulous island and there is so much more out there for each of us to discover.


Well a week certainly flies when you are having fun and Nash and I certainly did not get to do all the things we wanted to do.  The good news is this honeymoon in Anguilla doesn’t have to end. There is always the evenings and weekends to explore and do activities when you live on such a beautiful island.


Hanna was still on island and is still on island as she extended her stay by a week so we shared some more wonderful experiences with her during the week.


We went to Smokey’s for dinner and enjoyed the rhythms and melodious voice of Omari Banks ( Band Eleven). Hanna met Omari at On Da Rocks previously and heard him perform subsequently at Veya so we had no objection to going to Smokey’s to enjoy 1)  a great meal at a fabulous location 2) laughter with friends and 3) the vocals of Omari once again.


I had a great T-bone steak and Nash who only eats seafood had fish. Hanna’s shrimp seasoned with ginger and coconut was delicious and I will definitely have it the next time around. Omari of course like the true entertainer he is, came over to the table to share some laughs and to take some pictures with us.

With Omari at Smokeys 2

Another stop during the week was Firefly Restaurant and Bar at Anacaona for its Mayoumba Folkloric Theatre night.  This was something I had intended to do since it started but despite best efforts it just never happened. We all loved the performance by the Mayoumba Folkloric theatre and during the crowd pleaser song “Get your coconut,’ my friend Pat bought the first coconut. You really must try Thursday night at Anacaona for a taste of Anguilla’s culture and history.  My friends and I also enjoyed the live local music right after the performance.

Pat and Coconut

The food was local, wonderful and filling! Pat is still talking about the chocolate cake. I am a bread pudding fan and I loved that this was a choice on the buffet.


The wrap up by the manager Mr. Delroy Lake put a nice touch to the night as he identified some key persons he met during the night and thanked them for coming to the restaurant. He invited all of us to come back to Anacaona for its Chinese night (which is fabulous), Latin night and of course the local night (Mayoumba).  Delroy singled out a few persons that night including a young man who was celebrating his birthday, the locals and staff from the Ministry of Tourism (that’s Pat and I) and a young woman who had a fantastic story.


This young lady came to Anguilla very often as a child but had not been back to Anguilla in twelve years because of the high cost to get here. She entered a competition where the grand prize was a trip to Anguilla and she was the lucky winner. She brought her Fiancé along for the trip. I believe she said it was like a reverse honeymoon.


I was fortunate to have met this couple earlier and to observe their excitement as they shared their story with everyone. They came over to Anguilla on the same boat as us from SXM where I had spent a day with Nash and Hanna.


We came back to Anguilla on the Calypso through the new port in SXM (Dutch side). I enjoyed the experience through the new port and of course the very scenic view of SXM on the return trip.


SXM of course is always a lovely day trip and we did an island tour while there. Even though I had been to SXM almost hundreds of times, I had never done an official tour. It was fun and both Nash and our driver were quite knowledgeable about the island, its customs and history.

Nash lifting Shelly

Well, those are some of our public experiences during the week. I can assure you that for any couple honeymooning in Anguilla there are many activities to keep you engaged.  If all you relish is alone time, then the rooms at most of our hotels, villas, condominiums etc. are designed to ensure you are very comfortable. For example, our time at La Vue was quite lovely. Sandy Ground holds special memories for us so we enjoyed the view.


Of course as a honeymooner you must eat sometime and the food everywhere is spectacular. To round off our week I had the conch creole from Tasty’s Restaurant (one of my favourite dishes) and Nash had the Snapper. As usual Tasty’s did not disappoint.


So whether it is water sports such as kayaking or scuba diving, long walks on the beach, private picnics, dinner at roadside stalls or five star restaurants, as as you honeymoon in Anguilla you will not be bored.  I would know!

In Anguilla, a surprise always awaits such as when we returned from Sxm and caught a live band giving a concert for kids and adults at the gazebo. ‘Playing for Change’  who performed at Moonsplash were great that day and Hanna and I really enjoyed the performances and our little chitchat with Bankie Banx.


Well that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and do share this blog with others.  Please also share your staymoon or honeymoon in Anguilla story with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.