Planning my Anguilla Wedding – Part 3


Hi again!

Still planning my Anguilla wedding. Although I am having a small ceremony and reception, some family members and friends will be flying in for our big day. So of course part of planning a wedding is figuring out how to take care of your overseas guests.


 I am amazed and blessed by the friends I have made over the years. As a past Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, a student in Canada and England, a Tourism Marketing Representative etcetera, I have met people from all over the world. I am therefore excited to be able to welcome my dear friend Hanna from Saudi Arabia and my lovely friend Davina from Barbados to our shores very soon. One of my best friends who is Anguillian but who lives and works in the US will of course be here as well to celebrate with me. Kara Richardson, I am so excited to see you. So see you soon at my Anguilla Wedding.


Do follow us as we explore Anguilla in February. One of my friends will definitely be going scuba diving with Shoal Bay Scuba while she is here and she is super excited. I am quite bashful to say I have never gone scuba diving. However, that is just one of the things I will be doing and recording here on my Anguilla experience in the upcoming year.


I know where I would like to take my friends in Anguilla while they are here but if you know of any places which you believe are a must do for new visitors please do share! I look forward to hearing from you.