Hi everyone

I really hope you are having a great day :). We are having a wonderful day but we need your help to make it even better.

Nashaine Johnson, my hubby and the lead photographer for My Anguilla Experience has entered the competition for the cover page of the Anguilla Phone Book. We used this beautiful image. We entered late so we are trying to catch up :).

Goats and Flowers

Goats and Flowers

We need your vote. Please use the link below.


Scroll pass all the writing at the top and below you will see the photos. We named this image ‘Family Portrait.’ If you have any problems, please go directly to ‘Anguilla Yellow Pages’ on Facebook and click on Photo Contest. The pictures are shown below all the writing in yellow.

**Update- Competition Completed**

Gallery of all entries

Thanks for your help. Tell a friend to tell a friend to vote for us. xoxo