Shelly and Sherise - My Anguilla Experience

Shelly and Sherise – My Anguilla Experience

A blog is similar to having a journal or diary especially when you blog about your own life and experiences. I started my first blog in July 2011 so I have been blogging roughly 3.5 years. My first blog was called Say Yes to Today. Say Yes To Today strived to encourage readers of the blog to make the most of every day starting with today. It was about taking that first step towards any goal that you want to accomplish. The tagline was ‘constantly improve yourself, your relationships, your community and our world by shouting loud and clear – Yes to Today!’ I was going through the posts on this blog earlier today and they made me smile. Below is the first post on Say Yes to Today.


Yesterday is gone. 

A line in the Optimist Creed reads ‘Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future’  At a recent Optimist International Conference, it was debated whether or not to change the words ‘Forget the mistakes’ to ‘Learn from the mistakes.’ In the end it was decided that the original wording would remain.

Whether your strategy for dealing with the past (good or bad) is learning from it or simply forgetting about it…the fact remains – yesterday is gone, we cannot change what happened but the good news is each of us has today.

And today I have made a choice to start a blog because I have something to say. What choice did you make today? You got out of bed. Congratulations. Now what? Did you get out of bed with a positive attitude? Did you stick to your fitness regimen of diet and exercise? Did you read that book you have been meaning to read for the last week, month, and year?

If you got out of bed and did something worthwhile – something which would change or positively impact your life or the life of others around you….Congratulations!’ You are well on your way to embracing the concept ‘I have today’.


I stopped writing this blog when I started My Anguilla Experience because it was difficult to maintain two blogs. I do miss the diversity and positive vibe of my posts from this blog. My wish for each person reading is that you make the most of each day, every day.

In 2015, I plan to integrate more lifestyle experiences and reflections into My Anguilla Experience while continuing to speak primarily about what is happening in Anguilla. I hope you will continue on this journey with us as we expand the scope of our posts.

With only a few day left in 2014, we just want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and a productive and prosperous 2015.

Let us know how you plan to spend Old Year’s Night!