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2 weeks ago

My Anguilla Experience

I love writing about my favourite place :). Check out the feature I wrote on Little Bay, Anguilla for the January edition of Azura magazine. Link below. Thanks to the editors of Azura! I look forward to working more with you in the future.

New design, new issue, new possibilities.

The new year is a chance to explore opportunities and start over with a clean slate. It serves as a blank canvas ready to be painted. The cover for our 9th issue plays with this idea.

Read the new issue right here:

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4 weeks ago

My Anguilla Experience

Proud, Strong, Free and Regal. Such heart and soul! We are so proud of you!. #msuniverse #top20 ...

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Ohh this beautiful beautiful place. ...

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1 month ago

My Anguilla Experience

Share some great moments from your childhood. Some of mine are
1) Beach days at Crocus Bay with my cousins
2) Riding on the back of the pickup to go pick mangoes in EastEnd with three generations of my family
3) Days when my grandmother made fresh goat meat with rice and peas. I can taste it now
.. yummy!

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Anguilla...where there is always time to think :). Do you have a favorite place on the island where every stress just melts away? One of my faves is Shoal Bay East. #reflection #gratitude Sherise Brooks ...

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