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10 More Ways I am a Caribbean Girl

You can take a Caribbean woman out of the Caribbean, but you can’t take the Caribbean out of a Caribbean woman. As much as I believe we are global citizens, we take aspects of the cultures and environments which molded us where ever we go. Here are 10 things which are firmly entrenched within me and which I hold on to proudly wherever I roam.

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It's a Meads Bay day. ...

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Definitely feels like summer! ...

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7 days ago

My Anguilla Experience

Feels like summer by Rohan A L Petty.Feels like Summer... ⁣ ...

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I most definitely do love the colours and calming of sunsets on the water.

#sunset #ShoalBay #ShoalBayAnguilla #Anguilla

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It’s a beautiful day for a boat ride! Don’t you agree? 🥰 ...

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