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10 More Ways I am a Caribbean Girl

You can take a Caribbean woman out of the Caribbean, but you can’t take the Caribbean out of a Caribbean woman. As much as I believe we are global citizens, we take aspects of the cultures and environments which molded us where ever we go. Here are 10 things which are firmly entrenched within me and which I hold on to proudly wherever I roam.

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So yesterday I did a hike as I mentioned in my previous post which shows Joshua jumping into the plunge pool at Goat Cave😀.I really wanted to jump in but didn't😏. Instead, along with a few others we walked on the outside of the cave inches away from the beautiful but certainly not calm ocean as seen in my video. I don't know why that seemed less dangerous 😂. I trembled walking in and walking out but I am still thrilled I did it!Swipe to see us in the cave. I climbed up to see if there was a way out without walking so close to the edge 😀. There wasn't. We timed the tide and waves coming into the pool and we all got out safely🙏😀.Anguilla is so gorgeous and I love exploring our coastline - from the East to the West. Have you hiked along the coast before? See more highlights in my stories. Thanks to the Optimist Club Anguilla's Autism Society and the Anguilla National Trust ❤. Optimist Club of Anguilla ISpeak Autism Society Anguilla Anguilla National Trust ...
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1 day ago

My Anguilla Experience
We went on a hike today hosted by the Optimist Club of Anguilla and ISpeak Autism Society Anguilla in collaboration with the Anguilla National Trust. We started from Madeariman on Shoal Bay and made our way across the sea rocks to Goat Cave. Goat Cave has a plunge pool, a wonder of nature, as the temperamental but beautiful ocean sits just on the outside of the cave 😀.I wondered who would be the first to jump in. Turns out it was Joshua Minott👍😁. Great job Josh! I will be sharing more scenic shots and videos from the hike and my experience in the plunge pool so stay tuned 😀. Have you visited Goat Cave? Would you jump in?Don't forget to SHARE! ...
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4 days ago

My Anguilla Experience
Local people and local businesses are at the heart of the Anguilla experience🇦🇮. We look forward to showcasing more of both moving forward. Hi. I'm Shellecia. I smile a lot😀. One of my fave hats to wear is owner of My Anguilla Experience. Here are three random facts about our blog and this page.1) I launched the blog 8 years ago, a week before our wedding. We were doing work on our house before moving in and planning a wedding so it was a hectic time. Once my mind is set on doing something however, very little can discourage me.2) We still have our first professional camera which we bought with funds from a generous donor who believed in our vision.3) Visitors to the island sometimes recognise me when I am out and about😀. I have made new friends through our social media pages and blog. Share what brought you to our page below! ...
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5 days ago

My Anguilla Experience
Life is better with good friends and good food 😋❤. #anguilla #iwasatthebar ...
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